How does Computer Hardware Work?

Branch Education takes us on a 3D animated adventure to every piece of computer hardware inside a desktop computer. You’ll also see a nanoscopic view of the transistors inside the CPU and GPU. This video is like a biology dissection lab; instead, we’re opening up a computer and seeing all the various computer hardware inside.

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Career Security Windows

Why you NEED to learn Windows RIGHT NOW!!

NetworkChuck explains why you need to learn Windows RIGHT NOW!! If you’re in IT or are wanting to get a job in IT, this is a required skill. In this video, NetworkChuck introduces you to Windows and demonstrates how you can get started down this path.

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5 Cheap Hacks To Improve Your Desk Setup!

You’ve likely seen me livestream and have noted my mass collection of monitors. Now that the move is complete and I have a new home office, I need to update my furniture and setup. Here’s a great video that covers everything from practical tips to cable management: 5 hacks to improve the overall clean look […]

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Microsoft Security

Hackers Have a New Strategy – How to Defend Against It

The threat landscape is ever changing. Now that MS Office files disable macros by default on files from the internet, malware creators have already begun to adapt. But knowing their plan makes it easy to prevent.

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Raspberry Pi

What Happens When you plug the AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT into a Raspberry Pi

This guy bought an AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT and plugged it into a Raspberry Pi to see what would happen. Contents: 00:00 – How much did it cost? 00:50 – Unboxing 04:05 – Pi Problems 05:40 – Plugging it in 09:59 – No explosions, yay! 12:18 – Needed: a Driver 12:40 – Compiling the […]

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