PyTorch in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains PyTorch in the following video. PyTorch is a deep learning framework for used to build artificial intelligence software with Python. Learn how to build a basic neural network from scratch with PyTorch 2.

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15 futuristic databases you’ve never heard of

Fireship takes a look at the top 15 new databases that could disrupt software development in the future. Many new serverless databases leverage tools like Postgres and MySQL, while others attempt build entirely new systems from scratch.

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Developer Interesting

What is Neovim?

What is Neovim? Neovim is a fork of the keyboard-based text editor Vim. It is focused on extensibility and integrates the Lua programming language for easier scripting. Fireship explains Neovim in 100 seconds.

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Kafka in 100 Seconds

Fireship explains Apache Kafka in 100 seconds.

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Career Developer

How to ACTUALLY learn to code: 7 Roadmaps for 2023

Fireship explores 7 roadmaps or learning paths for beginner developers. The goal of this video is to provide a starting point for aspiring software engineers looking to learn web development, mobile, desktop, IoT, data science, game dev, and low-level systems.

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Things are gonna get weird in 2023

Take a look at 10 tech trends and how they will affect software engineers going into the year 2023.

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100+ JavaScript Concepts you Need to Know

The ultimate 10 minute JavaScript course that quickly breaks down over 100 key concepts every web developer should know. Learn the basics of JS and start building apps on the web, mobile, desktop, and more.

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Blockchain Cryptocurrency

Is Web3 all Hype? Top 10 Web 3.0 Questions & Answers

A complete introduction into the wild world of Web3 – the decentralized web. Is Web 3.0 the future or is it all hype? Learn about the technologies and patterns used when building a dapp on the blockchain. https://fireship.io

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Elixir in 100 Seconds

Elixir is a dynamic functional programming language built on top of the Erlang BEAM virtual machine. It is excels at building concurrent fault-tolerant applications at scale.

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