Developer Microsoft

What’s new in C# 12 and beyond?

Take a tour of upcoming language features in C#. While still very much in the works, C# 12 is starting to take shape. We touch on some of the longer-term work that the language design team is focused on. To learn more, please check out these resources: * * *

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AI Hardware

How to build next-gen AI services with NVIDIA AI on Azure Cloud?

Advancements in generative AI are transforming every industry. Powering the technology is NVIDIA AI, the world’s most advanced AI platform with full-stack innovation in computing, software, and AI models and services. Organizations can engage the platform at any layer on Azure Cloud. This session discusses and demonstrates how developers can utilize NVIDIA AI platform software […]

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Machine Learning

How to Analyze Logistic Regression Performance with ROC Curves

Join Bea Stollnitz, a Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, as she teaches you how to analyze the performance of your logistic regression model using ROC (Receiver Operating Characteristic) curves. We’ll be using these to evaluate the Logistic regression classifier built in the previous video using our pumpkin data set 🎃.

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Privacy Security

Is Microsoft Is Decrypting Your Files in The Cloud

In this video Mental Outlaw discusses the recent news of Microsoft scanning messages in their cloud software for passwords to decrypt zip archives that are also sent through their cloud platforms so they can decrypt and scan those encrypted archives as well, this means that the spying present in Microsofts cloud software goes much further […]

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How to Use Azure OpenAI in AI Builder

On today’s livestream Rob Nunez joins us along with Ashish Bhatia as they explore the possibilities the new powerful Azure OpenAI Service model through AI Builder. Discover how this integration can streamline your workflow and help you achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

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SQL Server

What’s new in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT)?

The latest version of SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) [Version 17.6 GA] was released in May 2023. In this episode of Data Exposed with Anna Hoffman and Subhojit Basak, they’ll highlight the latest features that are being added to SSDT and give a sneak peek on the features coming next.

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Machine Learning

How to Analyze and Clean a Dataset [Part 8] | Machine Learning for Beginners

In this video from Microsoft Developer, Bea Stollnitz, a Principal Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, guides you through analyzing and cleaning a dataset.

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Data SQL Server

How to Reduce costs and increase SQL license utilization using Azure Hybrid Benefit

In this episode of the Azure Enablement Show, Thomas talks with Kyle and Chris from Microsoft Azure about this how this new feature makes it easy to apply SQL Server licenses to Azure at scale, gain confidence in compliance by limiting the number of roles who can apply SQL Server licenses to AHB and centralizing […]

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Armchair Architects: Concentration Risk

In this episode of the Azure Enablement Show, Uli, Eric, and David discuss the risks of concentrating your solution on one technology and how to avoid what Uli terms ‘silly miracles’ and ‘shiny objects’. Concentration risk is defined in the financial sector as an over-investment or over-indexing in a specific area to the detriment of […]

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Azure Azure SQL

Bring your SQL expertise to the Data Lake with Serverless SQL Pools

Big data analytics is within easy reach of SQL developers and analysts by using Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools. Data stored in Azure Data Lake can be analysed at scale by using this new data processing engine built by Microsoft. In this session with Andy Culter, we’ll see how SQL developers can bring their expertise […]

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