Windows Ventura – New drop schedule, Cronos device, Netflix ads

Every now and then I check out Windows Weekly to get a feel for happenings in the Windows world. Turns out a lot is going on. I have to admit that I hate being right about the fate of the Surface Duo. And, no, I am not moving to Windows 11 anytime soon.

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Quantum Computing

Best College Majors for Quantum Computing

Want a job in quantum but not sure where to start? If you’re still in school, the first choice you are going to have to make is your college major. Traditionally, most everyone working in quantum information science had a background in physics, but today that is not the case. In this video, Olivia discusses […]

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Microsoft Red Hat

Power of a Connected Ecosystem – Red Hat, Accenture, and Microsoft in conversation

In this discussion, leaders from Microsoft, Red Hat and Accenture discuss the value of working together via a connected ecosystem, driving innovation for our customers. Hear what the power of a connected ecosystem brings.

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Shish Shridhar ” trying to {/code} AI ” by Rupesh Malpani

Shish Shridhar, Global head Retail, Microsoft for Startups! & Rupesh Malpani, founder CEO, Pikk on The Transformations in our Life after the Pandemic and the Optimism’s around them happening in the Future with No Code Low Code Programming!

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AWS This Week: Increased limits for EC2 auto scaling & RDS snapshot, AWS Support new look

Jess is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, RDS snapshot concurrent copy limit increase, AWS Support gets an update to the create a case experience, and EC2 auto scaling increases the group default limit per account!

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Power Apps

Power Apps: How to Calculate Mileage Using Bing Maps

Learn how to take advantage of the Bing connector in Canvas Apps to calculate the mileage between destinations. This feature is great if you are using an app where mileage needs to be calculated for travel reimbursement, travel time estimates, and more. This connector is still in preview and an API key will need to […]

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AI Career

Get Microsoft AI Certified with this 30 Day Challenge

Noelle’s kicking off the AI Fundamentals Challenge to help more people get Microsoft certified!

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How to use Azure Cosmos DB from your Spring Boot App

In this episode, Mark Brown welcomes Principal Cloud Advocate Mark Heckler to the show to discuss using Azure Cosmos DB as a data store for your Spring Boot Application. Spring offers powerful abstractions for Java developers, allowing devs to focus on delivering real business value faster and with less boilerplate. What if your database could […]

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Playing with ZERO-DAY vulnerability “follina”

In this video NetworkChuck teamed up with John Hammond to talk about the NEW and SCARY Microsoft Vulnerability. NetworkChuck and John Hammond are going to teach you about a new dangerous Windows Zero-day vulnerability called “follina” and they are even going to show you how to test it out in your own Zero-day lab using […]

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