Learn the 5 Must-Know Concepts in Python

This video is from Tech With Tim. If you’re interested in becoming a developer that writes any type of code in python, then you need to understand these 5 Python concepts. In today’s video, I’m going to break down 5 key Python concepts for any aspiring developer. Master Python, elevate your skills.

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AI Developer

He Made an App with GPT-4 in 72 Hours

Join Coding with Lewis on this exciting challenge as he builds an app using the powerful GPT-4 API in just 72 hours. In this video, I’ll take you through my process as I brainstorm ideas, plan out the app’s functionality, and integrate the GPT-4 API into the code. You’ll see me tackle complex natural language […]

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GameDev Python

How to Code An Entire Game Using ChatGPT

Nick White used ChatGPT to create an entire game from scratch using Chat GPT. Are we witnessing the birth of an entirely new kind of coder?

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Natural Language Processing

Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science

PyData presents this talk on Discovering Inspirational Insights in Motivational Sports Speeches Using Data Science. nspirational sports speeches have motivated and reinvigorated folks for years. Whether you’re a developer or an athlete, they’ve withstood the journey because even the smartest, the bravest, and the most resilient need some encouragement on occasion. During our time together, […]

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Quantum Computing

A New age of computers – Quantum computers

TEDx Talks highlights this talk by Maftuna Pulatova on the coming quantum age of computers. Her “Smart house” project with her team won “Seeds for the Future” hackathon organized by Huawei. Currently, along with her studies, she tries to share her knowledge with students. She also organized Winter Web Hackathon 2022 and several IT meetings. […]

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the hacker’s roadmap (how to get started in IT in 2023)

This video is from NetworkChuck. Are you wanting to get started in IT in 2023? Do you want to become a Hacker? A Network Engineer? Cloud Engineer? System Administrator? In this video, NetworkChuck will show you the path to getting started in IT and Cybersecurity that will help you reach these goals.

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Quantum Computing Science

Bell’s Inequality: The weirdest theorem in the world that won a Nobel Prize in 2022

John Clauser, Alain Aspect and Anton Zeilinger won the Nobel Prize in physics for 2022. Their work built off of one of the most important results in all of physics; Bells Theorem, invented by the late John Stewart Bell. Here we discuss why Bells Theorem is one of the most important, yet bizarre, results in […]

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