Quantum Computing

Best College Majors for Quantum Computing

Want a job in quantum but not sure where to start? If you’re still in school, the first choice you are going to have to make is your college major. Traditionally, most everyone working in quantum information science had a background in physics, but today that is not the case. In this video, Olivia discusses […]

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Python Quantum Computing

Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care

Tigran Sedrakyan on Grover’s Quantum Search for Data Science and Why should we Care Among the most prominent achievements of the quantum computing field is an algorithm known as Grover’s quantum search. This talk focuses on Grover’s algorithm and its applications to machine learning routines. Prior knowledge required is a basic understanding of linear algebra and […]

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Developer Mathematics Uncategorized

How to Code a Spiral of Primes

Why do prime numbers show up as diagonals in a spiral? The Coding Train explores. In this video, I create a visualization in JavaScript (p5.js) of the Ulam Spiral (aka Prime Spiral) named for Polish Mathematician Stanislav Ulan.

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MERN Stack Full Course 2022

This video is based on SimpliLearn’s MERN Stack Developer Full Course. MERN Stack Developer tutorial will help you learn the latest technical advancements in MERN Stack and guide you with the fundamentals based on current IT standards. This tutorial will teach you about MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js. This tutorial will help you with critical […]

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Zip Vs Range – Which is Faster?

Today Mariya will empirically measure the speed of both algorithms within for loops and within comprehensions.

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A Subset-Based Strategy for Faster AutoML

Teddy Lazebnik, CTO@DataClue recently presented this talk at PyData Tel Aviv. Automated machine AutoML learning frameworks have become important tools in the data scientists’ arsenal. However, when the dataset is large, the overall AutoML running times become increasingly high. In this lecture, we present AutoML optimization strategy that tackles the data size, rather than configuration […]

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