Beginners Guide To Web Scraping with Python – All You Need To Know

The internet is full of data. Lots and lots of data. But manually going to a website and copying and pasting the data into a spreadsheet or database is tedious and a time consuming. Enter web scraping: a subject near and dear to my heart for a while now.

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Quantum Computing

A Practical Introduction to Quantum Computing

CERN Lectures presents Elias Fernandez-Combarro Alvarez as he provides a practical introduction to quantum computing Lecture 2: One and two-qubit systems (Part 1) Quantum key distribution with the BB84 protocol. Two-qubit gates. The CHSH game. Find out more and retrieve the exercices:

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AI Deep Learning

Deep Learning New Frontiers

MIT Introduction to Deep Learning 6.S191: Lecture 6 with Ava Soleimany. Subscribe to stay up to date with new deep learning lectures at MIT, or follow us @MITDeepLearning on Twitter and Instagram to stay fully-connected!! Lecture Outline 0:00 – Introduction 0:58 – Course logistics 3:59 – Upcoming guest lectures 5:35 – Deep learning and expressivity […]

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Azure Databricks

Introduction to Azure Databricks

Azure Databricks is fast, easy to use and scalable big data collaboration platform. Based on Apache Spark brings high performance and benefits of spark without need of having high technical knowledge. You simply write Python/Scala scripts. Learn the basics of Databricks and show common Blob Storage JSON to Blob Storage CSV transformation scenario in this […]

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Kubernetes in 9 minutes

Here’s a great brief introduction to basic Kubernetes concepts. With docker you were able to run a single instance of an application using the docker run command. Which is great! Running an application has never been so easy before. With Kubernetes, using the Kubernetes CLI known as Kubectl you can run a 1000 instance of […]

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Azure Logic Apps Introduction

Azure 4 Everyone explores Azure Logic Apps in this great tutorial video. Azure Logic Apps are Enterprise Integration Service, which means their main purpose is orchestration, integration and scheduling of tasks in a simple way. With easy to use user interface, no coding design and powerful extensibility you can easily integrate services in minutes. In […]

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