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What are AI Agents?

In this video, Maya Murad explores the evolution of AI agents and their pivotal role in revolutionizing AI systems. From monolithic models to compound AI systems, discover how AI agents integrate with databases and external tools to enhance problem-solving capabilities and adaptability.

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AI Large Language Models

Why You Should Use Claude Projects Over GPTs

Anthropic introduced a new feature that is surprisingly useful and today we look at when you should be using it over GPTs by OpenAI. This video is from The AI Advantage.

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AI Funny

How Companies Overhype the Use of Artificial Intelligence

AI washing is a deceptive promotional practice that exaggerates or outright lies about a product or service’s use of artificial intelligence. It’s where companies create false hype about their AI capabilities to attract investors and drive their valuations higher. But why is it necessary? Our report tells you. This video is from Firstpost.

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AI Google Large Language Models

Mesop – Google’s New UI Maker

This video from Sam Witteveen introduces us to Mesop.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

The Art of Choosing the Right Model: What is an LLM Router?

In this video from Sam Witteveen takes a look at a new open source framework and the accompanying paper from LMSys for helping you to automate LLM selection based on the input query. There’s a fascinating shift happening in the burgeoning field of machine learning models —a shift that’s as much about economics as it […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Intro to RAG for AI (Retrieval Augmented Generation)

Certain concepts, though immensely powerful, remain shrouded in a veil of misunderstanding. One such concept is Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), a term that might sound like something straight out of a sci-fi novel but is, in reality, a cornerstone of modern AI development. Thanks to Pinecone’s sponsorship and their remarkable vector database product, we have a […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Open Source Red Hat

What is the InstructLab community project?

InstructLab is an open source project for enhancing large language models (LLMs). At its core, InstructLab is about breaking down barriers. It introduces a workflow that allows anyone in the community to contribute knowledge or skills, which are then woven together into a comprehensive model. This approach shifts the power dynamics in AI development from […]

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AI Open Source Red Hat

How to Join the InstructLab community

In the realm of artificial intelligence (AI), there’s a common misconception that only those with a deep understanding of machine learning algorithms or coding prowess can contribute meaningfully. However, the landscape is changing, and the emergence of platforms like InstructLab is a testament to this shift. InstructLab is not just another repository; it’s a beacon […]

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AI Python

Learn Python in 7 Days with ChatGPT, Here’s How

The beauty of Python lies in its simplicity and intuitiveness. For someone who had never coded before, Chad GPT’s structured approach demystified programming concepts. Variables, for instance, were introduced as “boxes” that hold values—a simple yet effective analogy. By engaging with action steps, I wasn’t just passively absorbing information; I was applying it. Creating variables […]

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