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Demo: NVIDIA AI Enterprise with Red Hat OpenShift

This demo showcases an AI application built on Red Hat OpenShift AI with Red Hat partner NVIDIA, simulating an AI system that generates a project proposal for a named customer. To learn more about what OpenShift AI can do for your business, schedule some time to talk to me about it!

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Nvidia GTC 2024 Round Up

BAILeY and Jen explain all the cool stuff from yesterday’s GTC keynote. This video is from FranksWorldTV.

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Fusing Real-Time AI With Digital Twins

This video is from NVIDIA. Discover the AI that’ll drive the next phase of industrial automation—how it’ll be developed, refined, and first deployed in simulation in digital twins. Complex AI is being tested in real time inside an Omniverse digital twin of a warehouse, showcasing AI that’s been developed inside this digital twin. It’s a […]

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AI Science

Why Nvidia, Google And Microsoft Are Betting Billions On Biotech’s AI Future

As language models like ChatGPT and Gemini have ushered in a new age of AI in Silicon Valley, the world’s most powerful tech companies are looking ahead to drug discovery and digital biology. This video is from Forbes and there’s an accompanying article.

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NVIDIA’s STUNNING Breakthroughs: Blackwell AI Chip, Robots, AGI, World Model and more!

NVIDIA had their GTC annual event and announced many awesome new technologies. Here’s a supercut of the 2 hour long keynote. Matthew Berman shares his take.

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Keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang at 2024 SIEPR Economic Summit

Jensen Huang, CEO of NVIDIA, recently spoke at Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). The event was moderated by John Shoven, Former Trione Director of SIEPR and the Charles R. Schwab Professor Emeritus of Economics, Stanford University

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AI Robotics

Nvidia 2024 AI Event: Everything Revealed in 16 Minutes

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang kicks off its GTC keynote in San Jose with a slew of AI infused chip announcements. Check out CNET‘s recap below.

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GTC Keynote: Don’t Miss This Transformative Moment in AI

Come experience Jensen Huang’s GTC keynote live on-stage at the SAP Center in San Jose, CA to explore the AI advances that are shaping our future.

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AI Hardware

What is Nvidia CUDA?

Fireship explains CUDA in 100 seconds. What is CUDA? And how does parallel computing on the GPU enable developers to unlock the full potential of AI? Learn the basics of Nvidia CUDA programming in this quick tutorial.

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AI Business

Is it too late to invest in Nvidia?

On this edition of Quartz Smart Investing, is it too late to invest in Nvidia? Eric Beiley, executive managing director of The Beiley Group at Steward Partners, tells Quartz whether he thinks there’s still room to run for the AI chip stock.

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