Are YOU Ready for the INTERNET? Video clip in 1994

Watching this video reveals the optimism around the internet in the mid 90s. Who knew that we’d end up using the technology to argue with strangers and share pictures of cats. Kate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world – a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film […]

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Is Linux Right For You?

After joining Red Hat, I decided to “give up Windows for Lent.” The experiment was a success in the sense that I feel confident about my ability to remain productive should my issues with Windows 11 be resolved. In the meantime, I have reverted my main work driver back to Windows. Like it or not, […]

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10 HACKING tools you MUST know about!

You already know not to take candy from strangers, but it may be time to add cables to the list of things not to accept from strangers. Naomi just got back from DefCon where I explored all kinds of hacking tools that are disguised as everyday items you might regularly use. The takeaways: Don’t borrow […]

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Cryptocurrency FinTech

Fintech Newcomers To Watch In 2022 | Forbes

Last year, as the pandemic continued to push more buying and banking online and the price of both bitcoin and tech stocks climbed, venture capitalists poured money into fintech— a total of $133 billion globally, almost three times the $49 billion they invested the year before, according to CB Insights. That flood of capital carried […]

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