AI Open Source Red Hat

Unlocking the Potential of AI: The Role of Consistent Platforms

AI isn’t going away. OpenShift AI helps customers solve some of their challenges by operationalizing both traditional and generative AI projects. Why should customers think of Red Hat for AI? Steven Huels, GM for Red Hat’s AI Business Unit, describes how OpenShift AI provides a consistent and flexible AI platform for an ever-changing ecosystem as […]

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Uncovering the Latest Cyber Attack Trends: A Global Identity Crisis

Looking for a way to foresee future attacks and protect your data and your organization from cyber threats? In this video, cybersecurity expert Jeff Crume explains the steps you can take to gain that protection and understand where new threats will be coming from in the future.

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AI Google Machine Learning

Discover the Latest Machine Learning Trends with Google’s Jeff Dean

In this talk Jeff Dean highlights several exciting trends in the field of AI and machine learning. Through a combination of improved algorithms and major efficiency improvements in ML-specialized hardware, we are now able to build much more capable, general purpose machine learning systems than ever before. Bio: Jeff Dean joined Google in 1999 where […]

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Why You Need Better Knowledge Graphs for Your RAG

This video is from Leann Chen. RAG (Retrieval-Augmented Generation) has become the hype of Generative AI applications, so are knowledge graphs. You see lots of graph-based LLM apps out there and you’re probably building one too. However, how you construct knowledge graphs determines the quality of your LLM-based application. Solely relying on GPT-4 for extracting […]

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AI Ethics Research

Experts Stunned by Rapid AI Progress: New Survey Reveals

Sabine Hossenfelder has very interesting results from a survey among 3000 AI experts. The most interesting result is that they now think AI is going to change the world even faster than they said just a year ago. Both human level machine intelligence and full automation of labor could happen this century. The paper is […]

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Day 3 of the I ️Love AI Challenge : AI in Your Daily Life

Noelle recently hosted an AI challenge. Check it out!

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models Research

GPT-5 Unveiled: Sam Altman’s Shocking Statement on AI Advancements

Sam Altman teases some advances coming in GPT-5 and, as the master marketer he is, he is playing it cool. Here’s why we should all be excited about (and a little afraid of) GPT-5.

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AI Research

DeepMind’s New AI Beats Billion Dollar Systems – For Free!

This video is from Two Minute Papers. The paper “GraphCast: Learning skillful medium-range global weather forecasting” is available here: Code + models:

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AI Economics of AI

Is AI going to affect the number of jobs in your company in the next 12 months?

This video is from IAC AI.

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