Introduction to Portainer

Neil Cresswell, CEO/CTO of Portainer.oi, joins Frank Boucher to talk about Portainer Community Edition (CE). Learn how this lightweight platform for containerized applications helps you managing your Docker, Swarm, Kubernetes and Azure Container Instance (ACI) environments.

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AI Azure

Azure AI Content Safety Text Moderation

Azure AI Studio provides the capability for you to quickly try out text moderation. The moderate text content tool considers several factors such as the type of content, the platform’s policies, and the potential effect on users. You can run moderation tests on sample content. Configure filters to rerun and further refine the test results. […]

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AI Microsoft

Copilot Studio + Dynamics 365 HR + ServiceNow

In this short demo, find a way of improving employee experience bringing the best out of Microsoft solutions. A chatbot easily integrated into a self-service platform, connected to your ticketing system (in this case is ServiceNow, but it could be Customer Service for example).

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Azure Microsoft

Introduction to FusionCache

In this episode Davide welcomes Jody for an introduction of his OSS project, FusionCache: an easy to use, fast and robust caching library, optionally multi-level (hybrid) and with advanced resiliency features.

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AI Data Microsoft

Data API builder is now Generally Available | Data Exposed

Data API builder (DAB) is Microsoft’s open-source engine designed to expose Azure databases to client applications and customers through secure, feature-rich REST and GraphQL endpoints. It’s cross-platform, language-independent, and runs in a Docker-friendly container in any cloud and even on-premises. DAB is three years in the making, with thousands of engineering hours invested and stuffed […]

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Big Data Data Microsoft

What’s new in SSMS 20 and what’s next in version 21

In this video, review the major changes in SSMS 20, and talk about the roadmap and next release.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

What are the recommended steps to update or refresh source data for RAG?

Microsoft Developer explores the steps to update source data for RAG implementations.

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Microsoft Build Preview: .NET

In this episode of Microsoft Build Unplugged, James Montemagno, Principal Manager, Tech and Safia, Senior Software Engineer, share a peek at what’s coming.

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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

Kirill Gavrylyuk delivers the Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024 Keynote

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Azure Cosmos DB Conf 2024

Join us the 4th annual Azure Cosmos DB Conf, a free virtual developer event co-hosted by Microsoft and the Azure Cosmos DB community. Tune in to learn why Azure Cosmos DB is the leading database for the era of AI and modern app development. Dive into a dynamic mix of sessions from Microsoft and community […]

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