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How One Second Can Crash the Internet

Imagine, if you will, a single second. Just one tick of the clock. Insignificant and fleeting in our daily lives. Yet, this very second, when added unexpectedly to the world’s timekeeping systems, has the power to throw the digital world into disarray. This is the story of the leap second, a phenomenon that, while aiming […]

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Career Interesting

Is Return to Office making anyone happy in Tech?

Does returning to the office is actually making anyone in tech happy. I thought I’d try my best to look at the actual data. This video from Coding with Dee takes a closer look.

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What Happens When You Train an AI with 10,000 Memes

A video walkthrough by Coding with Lewis on training an AI with over 10,000 memes to generate funny captions, including data collection, model training, and challenges faced. IDEAS: – AI trained with 10,000 memes to automatically generate captions for images. Initial AI attempts at humor were largely unsuccessful and not funny. Memes evolved from user-generated […]

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How Do Transistors Run Code?

In this episode of Core Dumped learn about the basics of how transistors power computers. Start with how transistors work all the way up to creating more complicated circuits, like adders, decoders, and even ALUs. All by using the power of abstractions, so it is extremely simple to understand.

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Why Does The White House Endorse Rust?

In this video, Mental Outlaw discusses how the federal government is pushing to have future software written in memory safe programming languages like Rust, and how this can bring jobs to Rust developers and overall improve our digital infrastructure.

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