Demo of Azure AI & pgvector with Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Demo of Azure AI being used with Azure Database for PostgreSQL and pgvector. Based on a demo given by Claire Giordano on the keynote stage at PASS Data Community Summit, this video showcases how you can improve the relevance of search results on a recipe website by using Azure OpenAI. Specifically the demo shows how […]

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Azure Synapse Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Azure Data @ Microsoft Fabric Community Conference 2024 | Data Exposed Exclusive

In this Data Exposed Exclusive, join Anna Hoffman, Bob Ward, and Jason Himmelstein as they discuss everything you need to know about the upcoming Microsoft Fabric Community Conference!

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AI Azure Large Language Models

Azure OpenAI and copilot meet Azure SQL | Data Exposed

Learn about the latest buzz on SQL and AI including “chatting” with your data and generating SQL queries with ease in today’s episode!

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AI Large Language Models

Armchair Architects: LLMs & Vector Databases (Part 2)

In this episode of the Azure Enablement Show, Uli, Eric and David continue their discussion of vector databases and LLMS, including when to use prompt engineering, and the importance of fine-tuning your data. Uli suggests that there are two things that LLMs aren’t good at, then offers tips on workarounds. The conversation wraps up with […]

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Big Data Data Data Warehouse

Azure SQL DB High Availability & Disaster Recovery overview | Data Exposed

Learn the concepts of HA/DR and Availability and your options in Azure SQL DB to properly implement it on this video!

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AI Azure Generative AI Large Language Models

Armchair Architects: LLMs & Vector Databases (Part 1)

Vector databases are designed to store, manage, and index massive quantities of high-dimensional vector data efficiently that can help different types of queries, such as nearest neighbor. In this episode of the Azure Enblement Show, Uli, Eric and David discuss how vector databases convert data to integers, cover some of the use cases of vector […]

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Azure SQL SQL Server

What’s new in SSMS 19.2 | Data Exposed

Learn more about the improvements in the latest version of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) in this video from Microsoft Developer.

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How to Develop Your AI coding skills (part one)

In this two-part mini-series of the Azure Enablement Show, Aaron and Natalie discuss why knowing how to develop AI-enabled apps is a crucial skill for developers! Natalie shares some fantastic resources to get you started—whether you’re new to AI development or looking to expand your knowledge into developing Generative AI features for your Azure workloads. […]

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Azure Containers Microsoft

How to Enrich Container Secure Supply Chains with ORAS

In this follow-up episode, we delve deeper into the world of container supply chain security, examining the CNCF ORAS project’s latest developments. We’ll explore the intricacies of the OCI registry and OCI image layout and its integration with tools like Helm and Notation, emphasizing their role in enhancing container supply chain security. Additionally, we discuss […]

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Azure Azure SQL SQL Server

Automated backups, PITR, and Availability Groups with Arc-enabled SQL Server | Data Exposed

This demo features two of the capabilities unlocked with Arc enabling your SQL Server(s). The first one covers the built-in Automated backups and Point-in-time restore capability which allows you to configure a custom backup schedule and perform a point in time restore of your user databases. The second feature is in the High Availability space […]

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