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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers Explained in 200 seconds

Quantum computers are about to portray a fundamentally different view of how our world functions. You see in classical physics, we were taught that an object exists in a defined state . Which are 1 and 0. Our computers exist in this manner. And a bunch of these 1’s and 0’s, billions even, all combined […]

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Red Hat

Red Hat CEO Paul Cormier: Open Source Drives the Cloud and Edge

Paul Cormier, CEO of Red Hat, discusses how open source’s innovation enables edge, and why hybrid cloud is now the operative model going forward.

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Anonymous Hacks China Government Website (Twice)

Top news in the security space. 0:00 Anonymous Hacks China (Again) 2:41 Microsoft Kills Malicious Documents 6:20 Altium Outro

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