Apple Privacy

Why You Should Turn This on if you use iCloud!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell TV. Thanks to powerful marketing, privacy is something we’ve come to immediately associate with Apple. But your iCloud is probably NOT as private as you think. Last year, Apple added E2EE for iCloud backups, with a tool called “Advanced Data Protection”. This setting means that your documents, photos, and […]

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Did Google Drive Lose Users’ Data?

SpaceRex explains how Google Drive recently had a glitch where some users lost several months of their data. This is why you should keep your own backups, even if you use someone else’s cloud(s). Support Article:

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Continuous backup and point-in-time restore for Azure Cosmos DB – overview and demo

Take continuous backup of your data from all regions data is replicated in, and restore your database to any point in time over the past 30 days. This capability is available on the Azure Cosmos DB Core (SQL) API, and API for MongoDB. Continuous backup is an alternative to the default periodic backup option and […]

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