How to become a DevOps Engineer

This video by Edureka on ‘How to Become a DevOps Engineer’ will give you an overview of what a DevOps engineer does and what the skills that big companies are looking for in a DevOps Engineer. Finally with the help of a roadmap, the video gives you the steps to follow on your path to […]

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AWS S3 Tutorial for Beginners

As someone who has spent the majority of my career in Azure, I am determined to spend more quality time in AWS. Fortunately, Edureka has got me (and you) covered with this tutorial on the most basic of AWS services: S3. This is a blog post I’d dare not publish while I worked at Microsoft. […]

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What is Google Cloud Platform?

This Edureka tutorial on ‘What is Google Could Platform’ will give you an introduction to Google Cloud Platform and will help you launch your first server on Google Cloud.

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