Hardware Maker Security

Custom Cyberdeck For (Legal) Satellite Hacking

This video is from saveitforparts. After doing a number of satellite and radio astronomy experiments, I finally got tired of my old briefcase full of tangled radio gear. I dug through my collection of broken computers, old wires, spare parts, and other junk, and assembled an all-in-one space cyberdeck!

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Large Language Models Maker

Give your Arduino project a chatGPT AI brain for free

Programming Electronics Academy provides this Arduino lesson on intergrating ChatGPT into your Arduino projects.

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Maker Networking

How to make WiFi Router UPS

Signal Mastar Diy shows us how to make WiFi Router UPS and more. In this video I will show you how to make a new zero second pulse mini UPS, which will run without WiFi router and AC power, How to make a fast relay module.

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IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

LoRa on a Pico! Introduction to The Things Network with the NEW Makerverse LoRa-E5 Breakout

This guide from from Core Electronics will instruct exactly how to build a LoRa Capable Raspberry Pi Pico with a Makerverse LoRa-E5 Breakout Module (10KM Range!). There’s even a demonstration on how to transmit Human Readable Weather Data accessible from any internet connected device for FREE using The Things Network. Full Written Guide –

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Interesting Maker


Retro Recipes takes new components and rebuilds the world’s first new C-64 since 1994. The Commodore 64 was discontinued in 1994 and since then it’s been impossible to find a 100% new “real” (non-emulation) replacement. Thanks to the sponsorship of – great PCBs from $5! – let’s try to build the world’s first brand […]

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IoT Maker

The New Type of LED You Should be Using!

Dave takes you on a tour from the first LEDs to the latest in LED technology, the individually addressable LEDs such as Neopixels/WS2812B style. From the quantum effects to how to wire their data line, Dave covers it all!

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IoT Maker Speech and Voice

How to Add JARVIS to Home Assistant powered Smart Home

Here is a walkthrough of an audible notification system, and how this YouTuber built JARVIS using Home Assistant. Now, you will hear this multiple times, but this isn’t actually JARVIS in the Artificial Intelligence sense, but simply using JARVIS as the inspiration for my audible notifications. This system is heavy on the YAML and Jinja […]

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