Digital Transformation

Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers Explained in 200 seconds

Quantum computers are about to portray a fundamentally different view of how our world functions. You see in classical physics, we were taught that an object exists in a defined state . Which are 1 and 0. Our computers exist in this manner. And a bunch of these 1’s and 0’s, billions even, all combined […]

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Why Your Company Needs A Chief Data Officer

Many organizations are appointing Chief Data Officers to help them navigate the flood of data from digital transformation. Yet 50% of CDOs are not successful. That means having a successful CDO can differentiate your company from the competition in important ways. If you’re seeking to become a CDO or are choosing one for your company, […]

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AI Data

Making the Case for Digital Transformation

Driving any type of change across a large enterprise is hard enough. Now imagine having to transform your organization to be data- and AI-driven so you can improve operational efficiency, accelerate innovation to gain new insights and implement best practices to build data products. John Irvin joins discusses this very transformation and the role data […]

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AI Economics of AI

Harnessing Ai to Transform Data and Unlock Business Results

In this webinar, I was on a panel where we discussed the top 5 analytic challenges in the retail industry. We also dove into the many applications of data science that can be used to enhance retail companies and better understand the consumer.

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AI Big Data Data Warehouse

Snowflake Snowpark Demo using ElectrifAi’s Pre-Built Machine Learning Models

ElectrifAi has teamed up with Snowflake to make it easier than ever for you to implement pre-built machine learning models on their platform – so you can accelerate your Ai projects and achieve strategic outcomes faster. My teammate Jim Marten shows how you can integrate your data in Snowflake with ElectrifAi’s pre-built ML models using […]

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How to Avoid and Manage Invoice Fraud with Applied Ai

Join Noelle Silver for This Week in Applied Ai to see how to Avoid and Manage Invoice Fraud with Applied Ai. 

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What’s New in Azure Virtual Machines?

While all the attention in my world is geared towards PaaS plays, IaaS remains a key element of cloud migration. To that end, Azure keeps adding features and functionality to its VM platform.

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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite was this week and, in case you missed it, here’s a great wrap up of the highlights.

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How New Technology Helps in a Crisis
Covid Pandemic Economics of AI

How New Technology Helps in a Crisis

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be overstated and we may not know the full extent of the damage for some time to come. However, one thing has become clear: digital transformaion can cushion the blow and realize efficiencies even now. Artificial intelligence is one of the most tech-forward ways that businesses are […]

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