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How to Integrate Authentication in Azure Static Web Apps

Learn how to manage and verify your users’ unique identity with authentication, to provide them a secure personal space in your Azure Static Web Apps.

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Microsoft Teams ESSENTIAL Tips for Teachers

In this post from Leila Gharani, you’ll learn how to successfully teach online with Microsoft Teams. You’ll keep your students engaged and as teachers you can stay organized. Also if you’re thinking of taking your classes online, make sure you go through my list of important tips. The list of Teams tips is based on […]

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Is the New Lambda Function the Most Powerful Function Excel Has Ever had?

In this video find out how to use the brand new LAMBDA function in Microsoft Excel to build your own custom functions. 

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Azure Logic Apps Introduction

Azure 4 Everyone explores Azure Logic Apps in this great tutorial video. Azure Logic Apps are Enterprise Integration Service, which means their main purpose is orchestration, integration and scheduling of tasks in a simple way. With easy to use user interface, no coding design and powerful extensibility you can easily integrate services in minutes. In […]

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Python Programming Language: Guides, Tutorials, and Downloads
Career Python

Python: Guides, Tutorials, & More

Dice has rounded up a bunch of great resources for the would-be Python developer. There are a few gems for the season Pythonic person as well. Python is a robust programming language, widely used by many large organizations that prize its versatility. It’s utilized at Netflix , Dropbox and Google; it’s big in finance ; […]

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