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OpenAI Drama, Open Source, and Andy’s New Venture

In this episode, Andy Leonard and I dive into some thought-provoking topics centered around decision making, reasoning, and the unfolding drama at OpenAI. Here are three key takeaways for you: 1️⃣ The Importance of Open Source: We discuss how open source plays a crucial role in the AI community and the need for transparency in […]

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Watch a timeline of the drama between Sam Altman, OpenAI and Microsoft

CNBC has compiled this timeline of the unfolding drama at OpenAI. Hundreds of OpenAI employees have signed a letter threatening to join former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman at Microsoft if OpenAI’s remaining board members resign. Altman was forced out of OpenAI on Friday by the company’s board over communication issues. OpenAI’s chief technology officer Mira […]

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