Data Science

Azure Synapse PowerBI

Why can’t I use Microsoft Fabric?

You’ve heard about all the great things with Microsoft Fabric, but you don’t see it in the portal. You only see the Power BI items and no persona switcher. What’s going on? Adam from Guy in a Cube shows you to enable Fabric for your tenant.

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Generative AI

Generative AI: CDO Insights for Enterprise Success

Explore the fascinating evolution of Generative AI from IBM Watson to OpenAI’s amazing ChatGPT. Join this exclusive CXOTALK episode as we delve into the groundbreaking advancements and applications in AI and natural language processing. Our guest is Sol Rashidi, who returns to CXOTalk by popular demand.

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Data Science Mastery with ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Learn Faster!

Unlock the power of ChatGPT to master data science & engineering. In this video from DecisionForest learn how to turbocharge your skills with clear prompts, epic data cleaning, visualisations and machine learning algorithms without any data science prior knowledge.

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AI Red Hat Startups

From startup to production – an AI/ML success story

An agriculture startup explores how to bring AI models into production to promote healthy crops. Watch the company work through leveraging multiple data types, building the model on a shared AI platform, and successfully bringing the model into production. This video highlights the benefits of Red Hat  OpenShift Data Science in a fun, informal way!

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Career Data Science

Learn Data Science in 2023 with Simplilearn’s Bootcamp for Beginners

Welcome to Simplilearn ultimate “Data Science Bootcamp 2023”. In this “Data Science Bootcamp for Beginners” by Simplilearn you will learn about the various factors of data science, including data science basics and the top 5 data science libraries. In this comprehensive Bootcamp, we’ll cover some of the algorithms like decision trees, random forests, and KNN. […]

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AI Ethics Generative AI

How to Be Responsible with Generative AI

On this week’s episode, Sarah and Seth talk about the importance of being responsible with Generative AI like ChatGPT. Sarah will discuss some of the underlying responsible AI principles and how they fit together when building applications that rely on this technology. Sarah will also help Seth incorporate these principles into a demo app he […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Multi-Armed Bandit : Data Science Concepts

This video from ritvikmath explores the Multi-Armed Bandit problem and Making decisions with limited information!

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Data Visualization Python

Data Visualization Libraries For Python

Data visualization is an important part of most data science projects. Do you know what options you have when it comes to displaying your data? Here are 5 commonly used and loved data visualization libraries for Python. Learn in this video is from Mısra Turp.

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Data Science Red Hat

Rockstars & Roadies: Red Hat’s Approach to Data Science

Are you ready to rock and roll with data? In this exciting YouTube video, we’re going to explore the world of data science and engineering by drawing comparisons to the music industry. In this video, we’ll explore the unique roles and responsibilities of data scientists, data engineers, and infrastructure IT people. We’ll see how they […]

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Data Science Python

Laptop Price Prediction with Python

In this video from NeuralNine, we learn how to build a machine learning model that predicts the prices of laptops, given certain information. Dataset:

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