Quantum Computing

Quantum Computing: Separating the Real from the Hype

Here’s an interesting video is from DARPAtv. Much has been promised by “quantum,” but the hardware to support these claims is very challenging to fabricate, engineer, assemble and characterize in a way that makes the desired impact. This talk will separate the hype from the feasible and the real, with an emphasis on creating feasible […]

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Marines Outsmart DARPA’s Advanced AI

The Fat Electrician, yes that his YouTube channel, explains how Marines outsmarted AI. There may be hope for humans yet.

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Career Current Events

Talking about Tech Layoffs

Big Tech used to be Layoff Free Zones. No more. Joma Tech adds his thoughts.

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AI Generative AI Natural Language Processing

ChatGPT Explained by Rob Miles on Computerphile

I’ve been waiting for a video explaining ChatGPT from Computerphile and here it is.

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Hackers EASILY see your password!

Liron Segev shows us just how quickly your password can be cracked. If you think your password is secure – think again!

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Are we getting dumber and dumber? | DW Documentary

DW Documentary. explores something that a lot us are pondering, especially anyone that has ever worked on a help desk. As our AIs get smarter, we seem to not follow suit. For a long time, mankind was getting smarter and smarter. In fact, our progress seemed unstoppable. Intelligence research actually confirmed this. But a few […]

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Overview & Demo of ArcaOS – A Modern Version of IBM’s OS/2 ()

Michael MJD explains that while you might think OS/2 is long gone, it still lingers around in more places then you’d expect. This video covers ArcaOS, an OS/2-based operating system designed to work with newer hardware!

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Game developer, Lana Lux, uses PlayFab, GitHub, and Visual Studio to create apocalyptic game STRAIN

In the development of her new game, STRAIN, Lana Lux relies on Azure to create her apocalyptic survival game based in Toronto. Apocalyptic themed games used to be a favorite of mine, but they are too much like current events these days for me to enjoy. 😉 With PlayFab, GitHub, and Visual Studio, Lana can […]

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