SQL Server

Office Hours: Technical Disaster Edition

This video is from Brent Ozar Unlimited. While I was going through your top-voted questions from https://pollgab.com/room/brento, my camera stopped working, hahaha. Had to switch to another camera live. Here’s what we covered:

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21 Awesome Web Features you’re not using yet

Fireship breaks down the most useful new features for web developers using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Learn about native dialog windows, WebGPU, CSS container queries, and more.

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AI Science

Decoding the Genome: Unraveling the Complexities with AI and Creativity

In this eye-opening discussion between Tim Scarfe and Prof. Jim Hughes, a professor of gene regulation at Oxford University, they explore the intersection of creativity, genomics, and artificial intelligence. Prof. Hughes brings his expertise in genomics and insights from his interdisciplinary research group, which includes machine learning experts, mathematicians, and molecular biologists.

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Addressing tech debt and critical data back up at Pinterest

This video is from Amazon Web Services. . Pinterest was born in the cloud as a start-up but has had a phase of hyper-growth throughout the recent years. Pinterest’s growth has resulted in large amounts of critical data and the need to back it up fast to ensure they’re ready for a disaster recovery and […]

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Microsoft Build 2023 Retrospective

This week on Azure Cosmos DB Mark Brown presents a roundtable with members of the Azure Cosmos DB Product team to look back at Microsoft Build 2023. Links Announced at MS Build 2023: Burst capacity, materialized views, vector search, and more! – https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cosmosdb/announced-at-ms-build-2023-burst-capacity-materialized-views-vector-search-and-more/ Deep dive: New elasticity features for better cost and performance – https://devblogs.microsoft.com/cosmosdb/deep-dive-new-elasticity-features/ […]

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Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks

Learn how to design and implement fundamental Azure Networking resources such as virtual networks, public and private IPs, DNS, virtual network peering, routing, and Azure Virtual NAT.

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AI Large Language Models

How to Build GPT Investment Banker using this 312 PAGE document

This video is from Nicholas Renotte.

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Red Hat

Ansiblefest Community Day 2023 – Chatting with Event-Driven Ansible

Nuno Martins, Principle Technical Marketing Manager presented May 22nd, 2023 at Ansiblefest Community Day Chatting with Event-Driven Ansible in this video is from Red Hat Ansible Automation. Learn more about Event-Driven Ansible on our webpage: https://www.ansible.com/use-cases/event-driven-automation Check out the interactive, self-paced lab: https://www.redhat.com/en/engage/event-driven-ansible-20220907?extIdCarryOver=true&sc_cid=701f2000001OH6uAAG

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