AI Career

Get Microsoft AI Certified with this 30 Day Challenge

Noelle’s kicking off the AI Fundamentals Challenge to help more people get Microsoft certified!

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AI Generative AI

Parti – Scaling Autoregressive Models for Content-Rich Text-to-Image Generation

Parti is a new autoregressive text-to-image model that shows just how much scale can achieve. This model’s outputs are crips, accurate, realistic, and can combine arbitrary styles, concepts, and fulfil even challenging requests. Yannic explains the research paper. Time stamps: 0:00 – Introduction 2:40 – Example Outputs 6:00 – Model Architecture 17:15 – Datasets (incl. […]

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How to use Azure Cosmos DB from your Spring Boot App

In this episode, Mark Brown welcomes Principal Cloud Advocate Mark Heckler to the show to discuss using Azure Cosmos DB as a data store for your Spring Boot Application. Spring offers powerful abstractions for Java developers, allowing devs to focus on delivering real business value faster and with less boilerplate. What if your database could […]

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AvidXchange’s CIO On How To Move At The Speed Of Trust

Angelic Gibson, the tech leader of the Nasdaq-quoted accounts payable software company, says strong relationships within executive ranks are needed to make software-driven automation a success.

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Python Red Hat

Python dependency management with Project Thoth

Maya Costantini and Harshad Reddy Nalla demonstrate Python dependency management with Project Thoth and how to use their new Jupyter Notebook extension. By the end of this session, attendees will learn the importance of reproducibility, how to use Thoth recommendations through the Thoth CLI tool, Thamos, and how to use Thoth’s Jupyterlab extension for Python […]

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How do Lithium-ion Batteries Work?

Lithium-ion batteries power our modern life, but how many of us know how they actually work? Watch this video to find out and read why he “reversed” the anode and cathode. Question: “I learned that the Anode is + and the Cathode is -. Why do you say the reverse?” Answer: Well, in electronic devices, […]

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AWS Red Hat

How to deploy a Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) cluster

Red Hat® OpenShift® Service on AWS (ROSA) is a turnkey application platform that provides a managed Red Hat OpenShift service jointly supported and operated by Red Hat and AWS. Here’s a quick demo of how to get started to deploy your first ROSA cluster. For more info about ROSA, visit:

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Azure Containers Data

Azure Arc-enabled data services Jumpstart scenarios updates

In this episode of Data Exposed, Anna Hoffman and Lior Kamrat discuss the latest Azure Arc-enabled data services Jumpstart scenarios updates, covering new bootstrap and enterprise-ready Azure Arc-enabled SQL Managed Instance options.

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AI Career Ethics

Hiring in Analytics and Improving Data Literacy with Tim Freestone

A company’s success directly correlates with its people which is why employers and HR/talent acquisition personnel are constantly improving how they find, hire, and retain the best candidates. Data analytics plays a major role in this process. In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay is joined by Tim Freestone, founder of Alooba, […]

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Ethics Facial Recognition Livestream

Thursday Thoughts: AI Emotion Detectionm Ethics, and SLAs

My thoughts on Microsoft retiring some features of Azure Face. It may be the ethical thing to do, but what are the collateral damages? Could there be a more nuanced approach?

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