Interesting Mathematics

How DO Soft Body Simulations Work?

While it’s physically impossible for a rigid body to exist in real life, it presents a simplicity that makes it convenient and optimal to use as a representation of most hard objects for simulation, gaming, and computer graphics. Soft bodies take care of what rigid bodies lack the capability to represent – shapes that are […]

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How AT&T Uses Databricks Lakehouse to Stop Fraud Before It Happens

A&T is using data and AI to deliver predictive solutions that protect its customers from fraud. Moving from an on-premise architecture to a cloud-based Lakehouse allows AT&T to take in all kinds of data, standardize it and then run ML models that drive fraud alerts in real-time.

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10 Programmer Stereotypes

It’s true: programmers are a little weird. It is human nature to put people into a box with stereotypes and the tech industry is no exception. This video takes a look at 10 common stereotypes people use for software engineers and developers.

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The Long Road to Linux

As my recent experiment, “Giving Up Windows for Lent” showed Switching to Linux as a slow process, not an instant change. This video covers some of the questions that have popped up over the years and overcoming the objections.

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Mathematics Science

The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Math

Leslie Lamport revolutionized how computers talk to each other. The Turing Award-winning computer scientist pioneered the field of distributed systems, where multiple components on different networks coordinate to achieve a common objective. (Internet searches, cloud computing and artificial intelligence all involve orchestrating legions of powerful computing machines to work together.) In the early 1980s, Lamport […]

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Armchair Architects: Architecting on the Edge

What do Uli Homann and Eric Charran think about Edge computing, and take into consideration factors such as human interaction, safety, high availability, and robustness?

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Making Commodore 64 Software In 1983

The Commodore 64 is where I learned to code. In this archival video, learn how software development has changed (and hasn’t) in the past 40 years. From my archives – this excerpt from my 16mm print of the 1983 film “Making It Young” about young Canadians who are making their own way in the world. […]

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Microsoft PowerBI

How to Embed/ Add LIVE Power BI reports in PowerPoint

If you want to embed Power BI reports and interact with them inside PowerPoint, here is the tutorial you have been looking for.

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