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How NVIDIA just beat every other tech company

Mrwhosetheboss breaks down how Nvidia overtook Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and more to become the world’s most valuable company this year. Nvidia, a name synonymous with high-end graphics cards in the PCs of gamers and designers alike, achieved something extraordinary. It surpassed giants like Microsoft, Apple, and Alphabet. To put this in perspective, consider Pokémon, […]

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Hardware Interesting

Prices: What Will Paul Allen’s Amazing Computers Bring at Auction?

Dave visits Christies auction house in NYC for a sneak peek at some of the most important items from the Paul G. Allen estate’s sale of the artifacts and computers from the Living Computer Museum in Seattle.

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Copilot is great – how can I integrate it with my business?

Mike Francis shares how you can integrate it with Microsoft 365 and your business systems. Learn about more about extending Copilot:

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What’s new in Azure App Service at Build 2024, with Yutang Lin

Yutang Lin gives us a run down on many of the new features highlighted in App Service at #MSBuild 2024

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Current Events Security

CrowdStrike update that caused global outage likely skipped checks

This video is from B.C. Begley. CrowdStrike’s latest update to its Falcon Sensor software caused a major global tech outage on Friday due to inadequate quality checks. The faulty update disrupted systems for banks, airlines, hospitals, and government offices using Microsoft Windows, leading to widespread crashes. Security experts noted that the flawed code, which affected […]

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Interesting Solar

Solid State Batteries Are REALLY Here: Yoshino Power Station

This video is from Undecided with Matt Ferrell. If there’s any doubt that solid state batteries are actually here, well … here’s your proof. You can actually buy this for yourself and get it delivered to your door in a day or two. No, solid state batteries aren’t everywhere and definitely not mass market yet, […]

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What Happened To User Interfaces?

In the realm of technology, aesthetics have undergone a fascinating evolution. There was a time when user interfaces were a wild frontier of creativity and innovation, where each new advancement brought forth interfaces that were quirky, unique, and unabashedly cool. But then, something changed. The vibrant individuality that once defined our digital landscapes gradually gave […]

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AI Apple Ethics

The Controversy Surrounding Apple’s AI and YouTube Video Theft

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, a peculiar trend has emerged, one that intertwines the fates of YouTube celebrities, tech giants, and the murky waters of copyright law. At the heart of this conundrum lies a vast repository of data—transcripts from over 170,000 YouTube videos, featuring the likes of Mr. Beast and PewDiePie, alongside snippets […]

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AI Linux

Linus Torvalds on the Future of AI: Separating Hype from Potential

Linus Torvalds Speaks on the Hype around AI / LLM and what the future of AI looks like on Linux. Will things like ChatGPT and other AI bots help the Linux Kernel get developed? We’ll listen to the Creator of Linux. This video is from SavvyNik.

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AI Economics of AI Interesting

AI’s trillion dollar time bomb

In the whirlwind of technological advancement, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a beacon of promise, heralding an era of unparalleled innovation. Companies, led by giants like Microsoft, have plunged headlong into the AI fray, investing billions in the hope of unlocking its potential. Yet, as the dust settles, a disconcerting picture emerges—one of unmet […]

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