Day: January 17, 2024

Current Events Interesting

Did Adblock Break YouTube

This video is from TechLinked. CORRECTION: the YouTube buffering issue was caused by an update to Adblock and Adblock Plus. This info had not been reported at time of filming because life is unfair

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 5 vs N100 PC (featuring Ubuntu 23.10)

ExplainingComputers compares the Raspberry Pi 5 and N100 Mini-ITX PC compared, running Ubuntu 23.10. Can a Pi 5 replace an N100 PC? Watch to find out.

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Azure Azure Synapse Microsoft

Get Your DP-600 the Smart Way: Microsoft Fabric Career Hub

Guy in a Cube shows us the best way to get your Microsoft DP-600 certification with the new Career Hub on Microsoft Fabric. Access resources, practice tests, and expert advice to help you ace the exam and advance your career in data engineering & analytics. Don’t miss out on this valuable tool for your professional development! […]

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Big Data Data Interesting

How to survive 100x scaling events: Picking the right technologies early

In mid 2023, the tech world as we know exploded. LLMs took the first steps towards providing AGI capabilities for everyday use and every company in the world was looking at how it might change their business model. In this video from CockroachDB, learn from Noteable CTO and Co-Founder Matthew Seal how team achieved staying […]

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9 AMAZING Features of the New Outlook in Microsoft 365

Jonathan Edwards explains the new, crisper, more modern Outlook version out. In this video, he will show you how to get hold of it and talk about some of my favorite new features.

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This New Nuclear Battery Could Soon Go On the Market

This video from Sabine Hossenfelder highlights the new “nuclear battery” that could power your smartphone for 50 years. I have a lot of questions and concerns. A Chinese company has announced they’re planning to mass-produce tiny nuclear batteries that can last up to 50 years, possibly beating both a British and an American company who […]

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AI Hardware

These AI Accelerator Cards Hope To Be The Next 3dfx

This video is from PCWorld. AI was a huge topic at CES 2024, and there is a crop of companies showing off desktop-based accelerator solutions that hope to make huge waves in the market – ala 3dfx.

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AI Large Language Models

What is AutoGen Studio? Full Tutorial on NO CODE AI Agent Builder (100% Local)

This video is from Matthew Berman. AutoGen Studio was released, and it makes creating AI Agent teams super simple; basically, there is no code. I’ll show you how to install it, how to use it, and show you some examples.

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AI Economics of AI

IMF warns artificial intelligence to hit almost 40% of jobs worldwide

A new study predicts nearly 40% of all global jobs could be affected by artificial intelligence.

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Did CES 2024 provide a glimpse into our AI-powered future

In this video from Fireship, take a look at the most hyped up new technologies at CES 2024. Learn about the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and how they are being used used in modern consumer hardware.

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