Big Data Video Production

VFX Artist Reveals the TRUE Scale of Data!

Two of my favorite things in one video: VFX and Data Visualization. Wren uses VFX to explain the progression of Data storage over the ages as well as all of the Data that is stored on the entire planet.

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Big Data Data IoT

Kafka Streams 101: Getting Started

To understand Kafka Streams, you have to begin with Apache Kafka®, a distributed, scalable, elastic, and fault-tolerant event streaming platform. The storage nodes in Kafka, brokers, are just instances of the Kafka storage layer process running on your laptop or server. At the heart of each broker is a log, an append-only file that holds […]

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Career Data Driven

Himanish Goel on Education, Starting a Career, & More

In this episode of Data Driven, Andy and I interview Himanish Goel, Technical Architecture Delivery Analyst at Accenture and recent graduate of VCU in Richmond, Virginia. It’s a wide ranging discussion covering the transition from being a student to entering the professional workforce, podcasting, and thoughts on the current state of the school system in the […]

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Data Interesting

Data And Insights CEO Reveals What Consumers Think Of Walmart And Target

CEO of HundredX Rob Pace explains what consumers think of Target and Walmart.

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The Power of Data Fusion

Yanyan Wu, VP, Data and Data Analytics, Wood Mackenzie, a Business of Verisk, dives into the importance of having large amounts of diverse, clean and high-quality data to drive new insights. She also discusses how modern cloud data architectures, like the Lakehouse, make it easier than ever to combine data sets, structured to unstructured, to […]

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How to Discover data within Power BI and quickly Export!

Sometimes you just don’t know what data is out there in Power BI. Patrick shows you how you can discover data available to you and also how to quickly export that data! Even with just a Pro account!

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Career Data

How to Create and deliver an effective data-driven presentation

Delivering an effective data-driven presentation to a nontechnical live audience isn’t the same as discussing technical details with peers or delivering a written document. You must be purposeful and diligent if you want to develop a presentation that conveys a compelling story while simultaneously avoiding myriad traps that undercut your credibility and limit your impact. […]

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AI Career Ethics

Hiring in Analytics and Improving Data Literacy with Tim Freestone

A company’s success directly correlates with its people which is why employers and HR/talent acquisition personnel are constantly improving how they find, hire, and retain the best candidates. Data analytics plays a major role in this process. In this episode of The Analytic Mind Podcast, Sam McKay is joined by Tim Freestone, founder of Alooba, […]

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Meet the inventor of the electronic spreadsheet | Dan Bricklin

Dan Bricklin changed the world forever when he codeveloped VisiCalc, the first electronic spreadsheet and grandfather of programs you probably use every day like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Join the software engineer and computing legend as he explores the tangled web of first jobs, daydreams and homework problems that led to his transformational invention.

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