In this step-by-step tutorial by Kevin Stratvert, learn how to create dynamic and interactive Excel dashboards. With a dashboard, you can showcase the most important information and key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization cares about.

Best of all, you only need is out of the box Microsoft Excel – no plug-ins, etc.

Apple’s push into privacy may be mostly talk as a new privacy study analyzed which data smartphones transmit to Apple and Google, even with telemetry options disabled.

It turns out, iPhones and Androids not only send a number of identifiers on average every 5 minutes, some network connections even include location and nearby devices.

Professor Doug Leith used a Google Pixel 2 and and iPhone 8 to uncover this data collection by iOS and Android and found out: It is near impossible to avoid it.

One of the most compelling visuals we’ve seen from the marketing buzz around Azure Purview is that end-to-end picture of source data moving through data processing, all the way into a Power BI dashboard.

In this video, Simon from Advancing Analytics  takes a dive into associating Power BI with your Azure Purview account, looking at the different gotchas and settings you’ll need to know to get started, before taking a quick tour of some of the new datasource types and how things currently look.

The Power BI announcement blog can be found here