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ChatGPT Explained by Rob Miles on Computerphile

I’ve been waiting for a video explaining ChatGPT from Computerphile and here it is.

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Computerphile on Emulation

Computerphile explains emulation. Emulation sounds difficult, begins to look simple and then ends up being difficult after all! Dr Steve Bagley explains.

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Just In Time (JIT) Compilers – Computerphile

Dr Laurence Tratt of KCL explains why (under certain circumstances) JIT Compilers can be so much faster.

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How to Verify AI ‘Black Boxes

Dr Hana Chockler is Reader in the Department of Informatics, King’s College London and Principal Scientist at causaLens and she explains how to check to see if a black box system is giving us the right result for the right reason?

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