Generative AI

How to Generate AI Art in 5 Minutes for Free

Wow, just wow. Check out the notebook to try it for yourself.

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AI Generative AI

Photos Go In, Reality Comes Out!

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Plenoxels: Radiance Fields without Neural Networks” in this video.

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The Mystery Flaw of Solar Panels

Real Engineering explores a flaw of solar panels.

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Watch Ameca the Humanoid Robot in Its First Public Demo

Last year, a video of Ameca the robot’s facial expressions had the world fascinated (and terrified). But the creators of this humanoid say Ameca is the face of the future.

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What Happens When Art Meets AI?

Benedikte Wallace is a Ph.D. researcher at the RITMO Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Rhythm, Time and Motion at the University of Oslo. Her interest lie in the cross-section between art and science. Through her research, Benedikte seeks answers to how artificial intelligence can be used as a tool for pursuing and understanding creativity. Listen […]

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AI Virtual Reality

New AI Makes You Play Table Tennis In a Virtual World

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “TransPose: Real-time 3D Human Translation and Pose Estimation with Six Inertial Sensors” in this video.

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Quantum Computing

Quantum Computers Are All About… Helium

Interview of Stefano Marani, CEO at Renergen by Tom Zuber, Managing Partner at Zuber Lawler.

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Security Windows

How to know if your PC is hacked? Digital Forensics 101

How do you know if your PC is hacked or compromised or infected by malware? In this video get introduces to the field of digital forensics and guide you through autoruns, system internals and more.

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AI Computer Vision Facial Recognition Research

Microsoft’s AI Understands Humans Despite Never Seeing One

It looks like synthetic data has its day and how! Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Fake It Till You Make It – Face analysis in the wild using synthetic data alone” in the video below.

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The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet

The robots of science-fiction are getting closer to science fact every day.

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