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Uncovering the Risks of ChatGPT for Experienced Developers

This video is from Joshua Morony. ChatGPT has unlocked opportunities for me that I otherwise might not have had the time to achieve. But, without a careful strategy, ChatGPT and other AI coding assistants like GitHub Copilot can hinder your code quality and personal improvement.

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Experience Japan’s Largest Robot Exhibition – IREX 2023!

One of the world’s most interesting and largest robotics trade fairs, IREX 2023, took place in Tokyo, Japan, at the Big Sight exhibition center. This year, more than 650 companies from all over the world presented their developments at the exhibition. The theme of the exhibition “Sustainable society created by robotics” corresponds exactly to the […]

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MAJOR EXPLOIT: This GIF can Backdoor ANY Android Phone [Zero-Day]

In this video, Daniel Boctor takes a deep dive into the inner mechanics of a double free vulnerability within Android OS, allowing attackers to gain complete access to any Android mobile phone with an RCE (remote code execution). This vulnerability was exploited by creating a custom GIF file and sending it to a user in […]

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iMessage for Android: A Security Risk You Should Know About

This video from Seytonic highlights the latest happenings in security. Sources: taken-down-in-24-hours/?comments=1&comments-page=1 blue-bubbles-to-android/

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Cardiologist’s In-Depth Look at the Apple Watch

Will the Apple Watch save lives? I’m an academic cardiologist & this is an in-depth, unbiased look at the science & implications of the exciting new ECG heart monitor function. Medlife Crisis analyzes the science, the statistics, the medicine and what it may mean for you, if you buy an Apple Watch.

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Don’t Buy Android TV Boxes – Here’s What You Need to Know

This video is from Linus Tech Tips. These Android TV boxes have been around just about as long as Android has. Odds are, you or someone you know has had one over the years. But beneath their crunchy Android exterior lies a deep, dark secret. What evils will befall you should you choose to bring […]

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Android Mobile

The BEST Tech at MWC 2023!

Android Authority was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2023! Watch the video to learn about the best tech we saw at the show. Read the full article:

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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 4 Alternatives: Five ARM Contenders

ExplainingComputers shows us five low-cost ARM SBC review, including the Banana Pi M5, VIM1s, Odroid C4, Rock 3A, and the Orange Pi 5 4GB. All of these boards have their own, full ExplainingComputers review video as follows:

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Orange Pi 5 Hands-On Review, Finally, A New Affordable Yet Powerful Arm-Based SBC!

In this video, get a look at the all-new Orange Pi 5 SBC “Not to be confused with the Raspberry Pi 5. This is the cheapest RK3588S SIngle board computer so far and it offers amazing performance! It can run Linux, Android, BSD, and other distributions. It handles 4k video playback and even 8K, Android […]

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