Blockchain Developer

How to Build a WEB3 app to mint NFTs?

Learn how to build decentralized web apps with JavaScript using tools like Hardhat, Solidity, OpenZeppelin, React, Alchemy, and more

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JavaScript in 100 Seconds

JavaScript is the the programming language that built the web. Learn how it evolved into a powerful tool for building websites, servers with Node.js, mobile apps, desktop software, and more.

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Data Developer

Is Redis the ONLY database you need?

You probably already know that Redis as an ultrafast in-memory database. But can it also be used as your primary app database? This video will show you how to build a fullstack app from scratch with Redis and Next.js capable of performing fulltext instant search.

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Binary Explained in 01100100 Seconds

Binary is a base-2 numbering system and the final language used by computer hardware. Programmers don’t write binary code directly, but it’s import to understand how a machine uses transistors to organize billions of bits to represent data.

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Developer Raspberry Pi

Web Scraping With Selenium And A Raspberry Pi – All You Need To Know

If you’ve been around Frank’s World long enough, you know I have a certain fondness for web scraping as a means to acquire data. But I’ve never thought of a Raspberry Pi as a means to get the job done cheaply. I need to spend more time with my Pi’s. The web and it’s websites are […]

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Sending Email Using in 5 Python Statements

Using smtplib library, you can easily send an email using python.

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Blockchain Developer Future

Top 10 Web 3.0 Questions & Answers

A complete introduction into the wild world of Web 3.0 – the decentralized web. Is Web 3.0 the future or is it all hype? Learn about the technologies and patterns used when building a dapp on the blockchain.

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Developer Microsoft

C# in 100 Seconds

C# or C-Sharp is the programming language behind .NET (dotnet) and the Unity framework. It was created at Microsoft as a C-like object-oriented language and is used to build apps for web, desktop, mobile, and more.

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