GameDev Python

How to Programming Retro Games in Python

This video is from Kari. Today join me as I have another go coding some retro 80s computer games. This time I’m typing in games from the Usborne book: “Computer Battlegames”, using my BBC Micro Computer from the 1980s. Then I convert the games to work in the computer language Python.

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Omnibot 2000: The $500 Drink Serving Robot from 1985!

Think that humanoid robots in the home are a new idea? This video is from LGR highlights a toy that I remember wanting badly. Unboxing and enjoying the Tomy Omnibot 2000! A 26-inch home robot that can speak, play music, bring you drinks, and generally felt like ‘THE FUTURE’ in the 80s. While still a […]

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Funny Site Updates Windows

Retro Frank’s World TV 5 (FWTV to Go) Live from Pentagon City: Announcing the AppCannon

This is an early example of Frank’s World TV. In fact, it’s the fifth show ever. I share it again here ten years after its publication after mentioning it on a recent episode of the Data Driven Podcast. It’s funny to watch this a decade after the disaster that was Windows 8 and how much […]

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Hardware Networking

Early 2000s Linksys Wi-Fi Gear

YouTuber clabretro takes a look at some early 2000s Linksys routers, including the famous Linksys WRT54G. He sets up a wireless-b wi-fi network and flash DD-WRT onto the WRT54G.

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Lindows, the weird Walmart Linux from 2002!

This video from Action Retro. delves into the weird story of Lindows, the 2000’s Linux that came installed on cheap Walmart PC towers.

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How to Turn an Old PC Into a High-End Amiga with AmiKit X

The Amiga was a computer that was way ahead of its time. In fact, it was the first truly commercially available multimedia computer and it came out in the 1980s! I can only imagine what the machine would be capable of given more modern hardware. Now, I don’t have to wonder. In this video from […]

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Apple Linux

Modern Ubuntu is KILLER on old Intel Macs!

Action Retro installs the latest Ubuntu Linux on an old 11″ Macbook Air. How does it compare to running MacOS Catalina on it, which is the last officially supported MacOS?

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Interesting Linux

The Computer Chronicles – Windows 98 (1998)

This video is from The Computer Chronicles and tracks the launch of Windows 98 as well as a new upstart Windows alternative called Linux.

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Interesting Maker


Retro Recipes takes new components and rebuilds the world’s first new C-64 since 1994. The Commodore 64 was discontinued in 1994 and since then it’s been impossible to find a 100% new “real” (non-emulation) replacement. Thanks to the sponsorship of – great PCBs from $5! – let’s try to build the world’s first brand […]

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