The US Army’s Plan to Conquer the Moon

“Project Horizon” was the US Army’s secret attempt in the 1960s to come up with a viable plan for long-term American colonization of the Moon. But with the Soviet Union already ahead in the space race, the hundreds of pages of classified reports also had to consider what would happen if a lunar base was […]

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AI Interesting

The AI-Powered Pin: Could It Replace Your Smartphone?

This video from Interesting Engineering highlights the device. The AI Pin is an innovative, screenless wearable device designed to offer a range of AI-powered features, potentially rivaling smartphones. It consists of two parts: a computer and a battery booster, which together ensure all-day battery life. The device offers live translation, calorie counting, and […]

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The Most Misunderstood Concepts in Physics

In this video from Sideprojects, take a deep dive into the misunderstood realms of quantum physics and astrophysics! Unravel the truth about theories vs. hypotheses, the “unbreakable” speed of light, Schrödinger’s Cat, and Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. Mind-bending revelations await!

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Have We Been Using Redis Wrong the Whole Time?

This video is from Dreams of Code. Redis happens to be one of my more favorite databases out there, but I often relegate it to the caching layer in my application stack. In this video, I decided to look at how to use redis as a database, rather than as a cache, and how that […]

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How does Computer Hardware Work?

Branch Education takes us on a 3D animated adventure to every piece of computer hardware inside a desktop computer. You’ll also see a nanoscopic view of the transistors inside the CPU and GPU. This video is like a biology dissection lab; instead, we’re opening up a computer and seeing all the various computer hardware inside.

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“Z2” Homemade Silicon Chips

Sam Zeloof is taking DIY hardware to the next level.

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