IoT Maker Raspberry Pi

How to Hacking Your Garage Door with the Raspberry Pi Pico W

A high tech solution to not leaving the garage door open all day! Here’s the open source Raspberry Pi Pico W garage door sensor project, with instructions for how you can set up the same thing at your house: https://github.com/geerlingguy/pico-w-garage-door-sensor

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Alexa DevOps Interesting

“Alexa, build me a Virtual Machine”

Network Chuck continues to amaze. With one, simple request to Alexa, I can deploy lab machines to Proxmox, AWS, and Linode with Ansible!! I’ve automated my entire lab creation process!! In this video, I’m going to tell you an automation story, a tale of how I tried to automate everything and….went a little crazy in […]

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How to Build the Ultimate Home Lab Dashboard!

A home lab dashboard allows you to organize and aggregate the services, applications, and other solutions you have running inside your home lab environment without having to save cumbersome browser bookmarks and other means. It provides a centralized portal to share across all the devices you have on the network for easy access to your […]

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Linux Red Hat

Laptops make GREAT Linux Servers

In this video learn how to install Fedora Server edition on this older ThinkPad laptop and using it as a media server, docker dashboard, and Microsoft code server.

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The Best Budget x86 Router Reviewed

Fujitsu S920 is well reviewed for a home network router.

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Raspberry Pi

2 Tiny Raspberry Pi Routers

Jeff Geerling takes a look at the two smallest Raspberry Pi Routers in existence: The DFRobot IoT Router Board Mini and the Seeed Studio Routerboard.

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