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Another glorious battle for AI dominance… GPT-4o vs Google I/O

OpenAI recently announced a new model called GPT-4o, just days before Google I/O. Let’s recap the announcements at Google I/O and determine who is currently winning the artificial intelligence race.

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What Happens when GenAI Lands in the Wrong Hands: Unmasking the Threat of Malicious AI and Defending Against the…

Anton Chuvakin talks about the security risks around Gen AI with Elie Bursztein, Google DeepMind Cybersecurity Research Lead, Google

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Privacy Security

FCC fines wireless carriers $200 million for sharing user location data!

Tom and Kevin from Shared Security discuss two major cybersecurity and privacy news stories. The first topic covers the FCC issuing fines to major US wireless carriers for sharing users’ real-time location data, totaling nearly $200 million. They express surprise and skepticism over the carriers’ actions and deliberate on whether the fines would be impactful […]

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How to Deploy Gemini for Google Workspace: From Use Cases to Change Management

This video is from Google Workspace.

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Did AI Just End Music? (Now it’s Personal) ft. Rick Beato

This video is from ColdFusion. Throughout history, creating a complete piece of music has always been a human process. There have been attempts to compose and render songs using computers before, but frankly they weren’t great. Today, that all changes with two AI music platforms. Udio and Suno. In this episode, we’ll take a look […]

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Understanding Logic gates

Technomics unravels the captivating domain of Integrated Circuits (ICs)! Join us as we embark on a journey from the fundamentals, dissecting the anatomy and roles of ICs, to a deeper exploration of intricate concepts like logic gates and latches.

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Why Apple & Google’s AI Move Is Big

This video is from Theoretically Media. I don’t think anyone had an Apple and Google Partnership listed on their AI Bingo Card of the week, but here we are! Today I’m unpacking the potential partnership that’s buzzing with possibilities and what it means for the future of AI on your iPhone.

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Discover the Latest Machine Learning Trends with Google’s Jeff Dean

In this talk Jeff Dean highlights several exciting trends in the field of AI and machine learning. Through a combination of improved algorithms and major efficiency improvements in ML-specialized hardware, we are now able to build much more capable, general purpose machine learning systems than ever before. Bio: Jeff Dean joined Google in 1999 where […]

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Google’s Gemini 1.5 Pro Might’ve Just Beaten GPT-4

The last 24 hours in a nutshell. Google: releases Gemini 1.5 Pro Wins this round of the LLM game OpenAI releases Sora Everyone forgets about LLMs to focus on the new shiny Text to Video space. OpenAI is playing 3D Chess while the rest of the world is playing Checkers.

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Breaking Down the Features of Gemini Ultra: An In-Depth Review

This video is from AI Explained. Gemini Ultra is here – I insta-subscribed – and I have conducted a veritable battery of tests on it, across almost all domains. Tests include images, debugging, mathematics, theory of mind, logic, Google Maps, YouTube, jailbreaks and more, all compared to GPT-4 Turbo. Google might want to know about […]

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