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Stay Up-to-Date with AI News: LLaMA, MetaAI, AI Influencers, RT-2, LK-99 Superconductor

Matthew Berman has a jam-packed video this week, with news from Google, Meta, Robots, Stackoverflow, YouTube, the Dark Web, and the biggest scientific breakthrough in our generation.

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AI Chatbots Javascript Python

How to Build & Integrate your own custom chatbot to a website (Python & JavaScript)

This video is from Patrick Loeber. In this fun project you learn how to build a custom chatbot in Python and then integrate this to a website using Flask and JavaScript. Starter Files:

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AI Chatbots Microsoft

How to Build a 3D Printed Clippy Powered by ChatGPT from OpenAI, Azure Cognitive Services

On today’s show, Jim is joined by David Packman, a maker who loves building social robots. Inspired by the memes that #chatgpt is really Clippy under the hood, David has built a #raspberrypi powered, 3D printed #clippy you can ask questions to using ChatGPT.

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Chatbots Generative AI

ChatGPT’s Sharp Edges: Glitch Tokens

Language Models’ Achilles heel: Rob Miles from Computerphile talks about “glitch” tokens, those mysterious words which, which result in gibberish when entered into some large language models.

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AI Chatbots Generative AI Natural Language Processing

Who needs ChatGPT – Make Your Own AI Chatbot

atomic14 shows us how to make our own AI Chatbot. Note: there is now (as of March 3, 2023) an API for ChatGPT. GitHub repo –

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AI Chatbots Microsoft

NYT columnist experiences ‘strange’ conversation with Microsoft AI chatbot

In a New York Times article, technology reporter Kevin Roose reveals an interaction between him and Microsoft’s new search engine feature powered by A.I. NBC’s Tom Llamas speaks with Roose on how his conversation with the chatbot known as Sydney took a wild turn.

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Chatbots Ethics

ChatGPT Has A Serious Problem

Now that the hype cycle has cooled off somewhat around ChatGPT, we now see some serious issues around the technology. ColdFusion explains. In this episode we look at the problem of ChatGPT’s political bias, solutions and some wild stories of the new Bing AI going off the rails.

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AI Chatbots Security

How Chatbots Could Be ‘Hacked’ by Corpus Poisoning

IBM Technology explains how good AI can go “bad.” When it comes to getting answers, it’s almost a cliché: Just Google it. Yes, you get answers, but usually you have to sort through a list of possible explanations, with varying degrees of reliability. More and more, today’s Internet users prefer “just give me ONE answer” […]

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AI Chatbots Ethics

Virtual Personalities, Ethics, and Elon Musk Talks to His Chatbot Replica

In this live stream, Andy and I reflect on our conversation with Justin Harrison.

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