Day: December 12, 2023


The shocking result of Epic Games vs Google

This video from Fireship provides a full explanation of the Epic Games vs Google antitrust lawsuit. Find out what the future will look like for mobile and game developers after this shocking new precedent was set.

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MAJOR EXPLOIT: This GIF can Backdoor ANY Android Phone [Zero-Day]

In this video, Daniel Boctor takes a deep dive into the inner mechanics of a double free vulnerability within Android OS, allowing attackers to gain complete access to any Android mobile phone with an RCE (remote code execution). This vulnerability was exploited by creating a custom GIF file and sending it to a user in […]

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Why The US Military Spends Millions Reverse Engineering Their Own Planes

This video from Jeremy Fielding is fascinating.

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AI Generative AI Large Language Models

Randy Silver – What do We do Now? How to Deal With the Rise of AI & LLMs

Join Randy Silver, a seasoned product expert and author, as he delves into navigating the challenges posed by the rise of AI & LLMs in his insightful talk, “What do we do now?” In this engaging session, Randy draws from his extensive experience, distilling key insights from his book, “What Do We Do Now?” to […]

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AI Career Machine Learning

How I’d learn ML in 2024 (if I could start over)

In this video, Boris Meinardus shares how he would learn Machine Learning in 2024 if he could start over. For the past 3 years, I have been studying machine learning (and 2 years before that basic computer science), which has now led me to work with an amazing ex-Meta professor, collaborate with Google DeepMind researchers, […]

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AI Google Large Language Models

What AI Model is Better? Google’s Gemini Pro vs. ChatGPT GPT-4

In todays video Tiff In Tech diving into what AI model is better? Testing out Googles Gemini Pro vs ChatGPT GPT-4. I was surprised in the results. Which one do you use? We will also cover what has been going on with Googles Gemini and the news that has been coming out about it.

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AI Large Language Models

How to Build Production-Ready RAG Applications: Jerry Liu

This video is from AI Engineer. Large Language Models (LLM’s) are starting to revolutionize how users can search for, interact with, and generate new content. Some recent stacks and toolkits around Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) have emerged where users are building applications such as chatbots using LLMs on their own private data. This opens the […]

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AI Google

Did Google fake their Gemini Video?

This video is from Yannic Kilcher noticed something off in the marketing video released alongside the Gemini model.

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Why Disney’s Most Iconic Character is entering the Public Domain (Lawyer Explains)

Corridor Crew‘s lawyer Jake explains why after 95 years, the copyright in Mickey Mouse is entering the public domain and why Disney is going to do nothing about it.

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