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How To Create Generative AI Apps with PartyRock – It’s Party Time!

In this video from AWS Developers Mike shows you how to create your own generative AI based application without writing any code! Using PartyRock, an Amazon Bedrock Playground, you can get hands on with generative AI and learn important skills like prompt engineering. Once you have made an app, you can share it with the […]

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GitHub Universe 2023 – Day 1

Watch the opening keynote at GitHub Universe, their global event for developers, security professionals, and enterprise leaders.

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GitHub Copilot Is Making Elite Developers EVEN BETTER

In this video from Continuous Delivery, Dave Farley, author of best-selling book ‘Continuous Delivery’ looks into the copilot tool. What is it offering software engineers worldwide and how can it even help ELITE developers get EVEN BETTER at their jobs.

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How do I get the best results from GitHub Copilot?

Damian Brady shares a few tips for getting the best results from GitHub Copilot. Check out this guide for using prompt engineering with GitHub Copilot:

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What is GitHub Copilot X? One Dev Question with Damian Brady

Github Copilot X is Microsoft’s vision of the future of AI-powered software development. Damian Brady shares how it supports software engineers wherever they are in the software development workflow. Learn how to integrate #GitHubCopilotX into your workflow here:

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How GitHub’s Database Self-Destructed in 43 Seconds

Kevin Fang highlights how a brief maintenance accident turns for the worse as GitHub’s database automatically fails over and breaks the website. And if you need some Vitamin Irony: Funnily enough in this blog post from 4 months prior to the incident they specifically explained how cross-data-center failovers could be carried out successfully Sources: […]

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