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Career Python Security

Fundamentals of Python for Cybersecurity | Google Cybersecurity Certificate

In this course from Google Career Certificates, you will be introduced to the Python programming language and apply it in a cybersecurity setting to automate tasks. You’ll start by focusing on foundational Python programming concepts, including data types, variables, conditional statements, and iterative statements. You’ll also learn to work with Python effectively by developing functions, […]

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Developer GameDev

15 Years Writing C++ – Advice for new programmers

This video is from SyncMain. I’m a video game programmer and I’ve been using C++ as a programming language for 15 years. Of course in my time as a programmer I’ve branched out to other languages, but I’d say C++ has been the focus for me across my hobby and professional projects.

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Career Developer

How Many Programming Languages Should You Learn?

There’s a question that has come up time and time again in my career:  How many programming languages should you learn? Here’s an interesting perspective from YouTuber ForrestKnight Well if you’re starting out… one. But which programming language is heavily dependent upon your goal. Or throw your goal out the window and just learn C, […]

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What is the Fastest Computer Language?

A constant source of debate for computer geeks, retired Microsoft engineer Dave Plummer takes us on a guided tour of 45 different computer languages and drag races each against one another using a prime sieve benchmark.

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Developer Future

Will the Next Five Years Will Be About Languages?

Ted Neward explains why (for developers) the next five years will be about language: Thanks to the plateau of per-chip performance increases and the resulting need to work better with multi-core CPUs, the relative difficulty of mapping user requirements to general-purpose programming languages, the emergence of language-agnostic “virtual machines” that abstract away the machine, the […]

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Python – The In-Demand Programming Language in the Market
Career Python

Python – The In-Demand Programming Language in the Market

Here’s an interesting look as to why Python has become the hottest programming language of 2019. Compared to other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc., Python is the most sought after programming language. This is because Python is easy to learn and understand. Despite being the most powerful programming language, developers, even beginners […]

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Career Developer Python

Top 3 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

Joma Tech explores the top 3 programming languages to learn in 2019.

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Machine Learning

Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning

Siraj Rabal explains what is the best programming language to learn for machine learning? Surprisingly, there are a lot options and naturally, a lot more opinions . In this video, Siraj describes the top 3, using code, animations, and data to validate my point. He does this all in eight minutes. Buckle up.

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