UI Design Trend 2024: Plasticity

This video is from Malewicz. Here’s a set of beautiful UI design inspirations from 12 amazing designers! I call this kind of flat and skeuomorphic mix a way to show the plasticity of design. It’s not a specific trend but rather a way that flat, pixel-based ui/ux designs can feel a little more tangible and […]

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Uncovering the Risks of ChatGPT for Experienced Developers

This video is from Joshua Morony. ChatGPT has unlocked opportunities for me that I otherwise might not have had the time to achieve. But, without a careful strategy, ChatGPT and other AI coding assistants like GitHub Copilot can hinder your code quality and personal improvement.

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Randy Silver – What do We do Now? How to Deal With the Rise of AI & LLMs

Join Randy Silver, a seasoned product expert and author, as he delves into navigating the challenges posed by the rise of AI & LLMs in his insightful talk, “What do we do now?” In this engaging session, Randy draws from his extensive experience, distilling key insights from his book, “What Do We Do Now?” to […]

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Can We Build a Home Server Out of Mini PCs?

This video from Level1Techs uses Mini PCs to build out a server.

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Learn Modern GUI Development with Python and Tkinter

This tutorial covers everything you need to know about user interfaces in Python. I will go over all of tkinter, Python’s default GUI framework, cover all the basics and then create a BMI app, a calculator and a photoshop style image editor.

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How to use AI Art and ChatGPT to Create a Insane Web Designs

Ever since I got my hands on ChatGPT, I have been amazed at what it can do. Learn how to use AI Art and ChatGPT to Create a Website without writing a single line of code. In this video, I’m going to generate website designs with midjourney, which is an AI art tool for creating […]

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AI Design

The Future of User Interfaces with A.I.

Pondering the future of user interfaces with advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence

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First Look at Windows 11 with an Ex-Microsoft PM

Windows 11 has been let out of the bag. Kevin Stratvert, Windows Insider and ex-Microsoft Program Manager. takes a look at the latest functionality. We’ll look at the out of the box experience (OOBE) where you can configure how you’ll use your device and whether or not you want to use OneDrive. Then we’ll explore […]

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