Anonymous Hacks China Government Website (Twice)

Top news in the security space. 0:00 Anonymous Hacks China (Again) 2:41 Microsoft Kills Malicious Documents 6:20 Altium Outro

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Security Smartphones

How to Run Kali Linux on any Phone

Kali Linux is the go to OS for hackers (ethical and otherwise) and now you can run it on your phone.

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IoT Security

Bluetooth Covid Test Kit Gets Hacked

As he says in the video, not everything needs to be computerized. Remember, kids the “S in “IoT” stands for security.

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Security Windows

How to know if your PC is hacked? Digital Forensics 101

How do you know if your PC is hacked or compromised or infected by malware? In this video get introduces to the field of digital forensics and guide you through autoruns, system internals and more.

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