Android Security

Is Your VPN Leaking?

In this video Mental Outlaw discover a VPN leak that was discovered in Android by Mullvad that effects any wireguard VPN in any app that relies on the getaddrinfo function. Read more about it here and test the leak for yourself

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Android Privacy Smartphones

Keyboard Apps are a privacy NIGHTMARE!

How private is your phone keyboard? This video is from NBTV, with Naomi Brockwell. Smartphones allow us to intimately communicate, do sensitive work, and access the world around us by tapping on a screen: The gateway to this world is the keyboard. It’s where we type our searches, our credit card details, our passwords. You’d […]

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Android Mobile

The BEST Tech at MWC 2023!

Android Authority was in Barcelona for Mobile World Congress 2023! Watch the video to learn about the best tech we saw at the show. Read the full article:

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Android Google Privacy

Is GrapheneOS the greatest mobile OS of all time?

Google does not have a great reputation around preserving consumer’s privacy. Could GrapheneOS be the answer?

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Android Mobile Privacy

What Can this $200 phone do? The Pine64 Pinephone

Check out the Pine64 Pinephone

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Android Python

How to Convert Python to Android Apps with Windows

In this tutorial, Mariya will show you how to convert your Python projects into Android applications using Windows (of all things!). We will Create a Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), Learn about Android’s Debug Bridge (adb) and use Buildozer to compile our .py files into .apk. Time Stamps: 00:00 – intro 00:30 – Install Windows […]

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Android Gadgets

Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen

Unbox Therapy unboxes the Hachi Infinite M1, an interactive smart projector turns any flat surface into a touchscreen.

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