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MAJOR EXPLOIT: This GIF can Backdoor ANY Android Phone [Zero-Day]

In this video, Daniel Boctor takes a deep dive into the inner mechanics of a double free vulnerability within Android OS, allowing attackers to gain complete access to any Android mobile phone with an RCE (remote code execution). This vulnerability was exploited by creating a custom GIF file and sending it to a user in […]

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The Mind Behind Windows: Dave Cutler Interview

This video is from Dave’s Garage. Dave Cutler is a seminal figure in computer science, renowned for his contributions to operating systems. Born in 1942, he played pivotal roles in the development of several OSes, most notably VMS for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) and Windows NT for Microsoft. Cutler’s design principles emphasize performance, reliability, and […]

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Microsoft Windows

The Secret History of MS-DOS SmartDrv!

This video is from Dave’s Garage.

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Career Developer

What Self-Taught Developers NEVER Learn

In this video, Tim from Tech with Time goes over some topics that most self-taught developers will never learn. Time Stamps: 00:00 | Overview 02:11 | University Courses 02:54 | Advanced Math and Proofs 05:53 | Digital Systems and Computer Architecture 07:32 | Programming Paradigms 10:03 | Programming Language Concepts 11:30 | Operating Systems

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