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Recommended container OS + JFrog & Snyk extensions deep dive

Docker explores not one, but TWO extensions of the week, one fun fact, and one sad rant about being an only child.

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Developer Natural Language Processing

Building Bots Part 2

A bot is software that interacts with humans to do things like chat, make recommendations, book travel and more. This is the second of a two part series where Sam Basu shows us how to build bots. In this episode, Sam gives the bots he built in Part 1 a modern UI by using Telerik […]

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Developer GameDev Microsoft

Creating Games with Unity and Visual Studio

In this episode of Visual Studio Toolbox, Arturo Nunez shows us the seamless integration of Visual Studio and Unity and how this makes you a much more productive game developer. You get the benefits of things like IntelliSense and full debugging support for your scripts, as well as Unity specific features like directly implementing Unity […]

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