Day: July 21, 2020

Covid Pandemic Maker

How to Convert Laptop Webcams to USB Webcams

The pandemic instantly increased the demand for webcams as video conferencing took off. Increased demand plus disrupted supply chains means $30 webcams are selling for twice that (or more). Fortunately, Matt from DIY Perks shows how to make an external webcam by taking the webcam module out of an old laptop.

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Can an AI Learn Lip Reading?

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Learning Individual Speaking Styles for Accurate Lip to Speech Synthesis.”

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The dual PhD problem of today’s startups

Are Tech Startups Lacking Innovation

In this article, Danny Crichton examines the current state of startups and the decline in innovation they are showing. Every week in my inbox, there is another no-code startup. Another fintech play for payments and credit cards and personal finance. Another remote work or online events startup. Another cannabis startup, another cryptocurrency, another analytics tool […]

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Azure Containers FinTech

Banking in Latin America: Planning for Hybrid Cloud | Part 2

In this second part episode, Fernando Mejia walks through everything you need to plan for in a Hybrid Cloud architecture for Azure Kubernetes Service. This includes IP address concerns from on-premises to Azure, hub and spoke topology, as well as the different options you have in Azure Kubernetes Service.  Watch Part 1 Learn more:

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Azure Developer Power Apps

Real-time Power Apps with SignalR

With the Azure SignalR Service, a couple Azure Functions and a single Power Apps component framework component, your apps can be communicating with each other in real time—your users can be communicating with each other in real time, and you or your org’s app makers can put it all together with just a few lines […]

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