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How NVIDIA and Red Hat Collaborate in the Open Source Community

Ryan Hallisey, Senior Software Engineer Technical Lead at NVIDIA, and Fabian Deutsch, KubeVirt Maintainer & Senior Engineering Manager, OpenShift Virtualization at Red Hat, discuss the collaboration between Red Hat and NVIDIA around Kubernetes and KubeVirt in the community.

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How does an OS boot? //Source Dive// 001

In this installment of //Source Dive//, we’re learning about the xv6 Operating System; Specifically the low-level boot code that gets the CPU in the correct state to run the OS!

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Red Hat

Azure Red Hat OpenShift Front Door

In this video, learn how to securely expose applications to the Internet using Azure Red Hat OpenShift and Azure Front Door following best practices.

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Red Hat

Azure Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS – Backup and Restore

In this video, we will discuss key considerations for backup and restore, what we should backup, and tools that can be utilized to support the backup and restore processes.

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AI Data Science Red Hat

An introduction to Red Hat OpenShift Data Science

Red Hat’s Michael Ducy and Nerav Doshi diagram Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.

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AI Red Hat

What is OpenShift AI?

What is Red Hat’s Vision to Empower Organizations with Unparalleled AI/ML?

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Secure Your Data Now – Download This Free CyberSecurity Tool

This video is from NetworkChuck. In this video, we discuss the best free cybersecurity tool you need to try: Wazuh. This open-source Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system is the ultimate tool to help you protect your devices and networks like a cybersecurity expert. We’ll show you how to deploy Wazuh, monitor changes to […]

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How to Safely Share Secrets: Homomorphic Encryption in Open Source Explained

Ever wondered how your data can be computed without being exposed? Sounds impossible, right? Dive into the world of Homomorphic Encryption, the groundbreaking technique that promises data privacy like never before! In this video, we’ll decode the complexities of this encryption method and explore its significance in the open-source realm. Whether you’re a cryptography enthusiast, […]

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AI Generative AI Red Hat

Unlock the Power of Generative AI with the Right Platform Stack

Taneem Ibrahim and Selbi Nuyryev describe the work in the Open Data Hub community about building an AI/ML stack for generative AI and foundation models. With project CodeFlare and open source technology work with CAIkit, KubeRay and Text Generation Inference Service (TGiS), KServe to prompt-tune pre-trained models and provide resource efficiency across the hybrid cloud. […]

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