Data Science

AI Reinforcement Learning

Multi-Armed Bandit : Data Science Concepts

This video from ritvikmath explores the Multi-Armed Bandit problem and Making decisions with limited information!

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Data Visualization Python

Data Visualization Libraries For Python

Data visualization is an important part of most data science projects. Do you know what options you have when it comes to displaying your data? Here are 5 commonly used and loved data visualization libraries for Python. Learn in this video is from Mısra Turp.

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Data Science Red Hat

Rockstars & Roadies: Red Hat’s Approach to Data Science

Are you ready to rock and roll with data? In this exciting YouTube video, we’re going to explore the world of data science and engineering by drawing comparisons to the music industry. In this video, we’ll explore the unique roles and responsibilities of data scientists, data engineers, and infrastructure IT people. We’ll see how they […]

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Data Science Python

Laptop Price Prediction with Python

In this video from NeuralNine, we learn how to build a machine learning model that predicts the prices of laptops, given certain information. Dataset:

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AI Data Science Red Hat

What is Red Hat OpenShift Data Science?

In this office hour, I explain what makes Red Hat OpenShift Data Science (RHODS) an excellent platform for all of your data science needs in the cloud, on-prem, or at the edge. Learn what the product is and where it is headed. By the end of this office hour session, you will see why, in […]

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AI Data Data Science Red Hat

The Top 4 Advantages of Red Hat OpenShift Data Science!

Unlock the power of data science with Red Hat OpenShift Data Science (RHODS). Our platform allows you to easily deploy, scale, and manage your data science projects in a secure and efficient environment. With built-in support for popular frameworks and languages, Red Hat OpenShift streamlines the data science process and empowers you to make data-driven […]

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Data Databricks

Lakehouse ML on Databricks Demo

Discover the latest innovations from Databricks that can help you build and operationalize the next generation of machine learning solutions. This demo will dive into Databricks Machine Learning, a data-centric AI platform that spans the full machine learning lifecycle – from data ingestion and model training to production MLOps. You’ll learn about key capabilities that […]

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AI Microsoft Power Apps

AI Builder | A World of AI at Your Fingertips

Rob and Albert welcome Ashish Bhatia to talk about AI Builder. AI has transformed the way we process data, making mundane tasks a thing of the past. Processing documents at scale has been made easier, intelligent and automated with IDP (Intelligent Document Processing) and the power of AI Builder! Come check out how this pre-built […]

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Big Data Data

How to Use Behavioral Data To Gain Deep Insights Into Your Customer Base

The opportunities for organizations to use behavioral data to gain deep insights into their customer base have increased exponentially in the last few years. In this “Data Cloud Now” interview, host Ryan Green chats with Yali Sassoon, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Office of Snowplow Analytics, about what those new opportunities are and the role that […]

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