AI Generative AI

Is This New AI Magic?

In this video Anastasia discusss Stable diffusion and Generative AI in general

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AI Mathematics

AI Just Solved a 53-Year-Old Problem! | AlphaTensor, Explained

In a year where we’ve seen Artificial intelligence move forward in a significant way, AlphaTensor is the most exciting breakthrough we have accomplished. This video briefly introduces AlphaTensor and what it means for humanity.

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AI Ethics Philosophy Fridays

Lab-Grown Brain Learns Pong – Is This Biological Neural Network “Sentient”?

A leading neuroscientist claims that a pong-playing clump of about a million neurons is “sentient”. What does that mean? Why did they teach a lab-grown brain to play pong? To study biological self-organization at the root of life, intelligence, and consciousness.

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AI Deep Fakes Generative AI

How Does NVIDIA’s Amazing AI Clones Your Voice!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “One TTS Alignment To Rule Them All” in the following video. Request Early access here.

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The Proto-Robots of Antiquity

Robots are not solely a modern phenomenon and there are quite a few examples of them in history. This video examines the ancient predecessors of our modern robots, and see their development from a concept in mythology, to the earliest simple devices, and finally to full-fledged self-moving statues.

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AI Natural Language Processing

ROME: Locating and Editing Factual Associations in GPT (Paper Explained & Author Interview)

Large Language Models have the ability to store vast amounts of facts about the world. But little is known, how these models actually do this. This paper aims at discovering the mechanism and location of storage and recall of factual associations in GPT models, and then proposes a mechanism for the targeted editing of such […]

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AI Google Research

Google Presents: AI@ ‘22

Hear from Google’s AI and Research teams about our latest work in the fields of robotics, natural language understanding, accessibility, healthcare, and creativity. Content starts around 10 minutes into the stream.

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AI Design

The Future of User Interfaces with A.I.

Pondering the future of user interfaces with advancements in natural language processing and artificial intelligence

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AI Data

How Data and AI Are Revolutionizing Telecoms

Andy Markus, Chief Data Officer, AT&T, dives into how AT&T leverages analytics and AI to improve the customer experience and shares his perspectives on change management, business value realization and talent development. Andy also sheds light on AT&T’s AI use cases and governance frameworks as well as their experience using Databricks to drive innovation in […]

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