Interesting Science

This High Voltage Fog Is Controlled by Pointing (BiFrost Nebulagraphy)

This video from Plasma Channel could mean we are a little bit closer to interactive holograms. If a fog is electrically grounded, and you are charged to a high voltage, some pretty remarkable things occur. Pointing at it draws lines, the fog forms vortexes, and even invisible ion bridges are formed. Ultimately, this phenomenon may […]

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What if everyone jumped at once?

This video from xkcd’s What If? answers the question “What would happen if everyone on earth stood as close to each other as they could, jumped, and landed on the ground all at the same instant?”

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Understanding Logic gates

Technomics unravels the captivating domain of Integrated Circuits (ICs)! Join us as we embark on a journey from the fundamentals, dissecting the anatomy and roles of ICs, to a deeper exploration of intricate concepts like logic gates and latches.

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AI Mathematics

How AI Discovered a Faster Matrix Multiplication Algorithm

Researchers at Google research lab DeepMind trained an AI system called AlphaTensor to find new, faster algorithms to tackle an age-old math problem: matrix multiplication. Advances in matrix multiplication could lead to breakthroughs in physics, engineering and computer science. AlphaTensor quickly rediscovered – and surpassed, for some cases – the reigning algorithm discovered by German […]

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Why Reality is a Hallucination.

There have always been hints that the brain wasn’t evolved to track objective reality, but a new, incredibly popular theory in neuroscience takes everything one step further. Not only is your brain not built for reality, you’ve never even experienced it. Noted Science Zaddy Kyle Hill explains “predictive processing.”  

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Quantum Computing Security

Q-Day Is Coming: Quantum Computers Will Decode National Secrets

This video is from Sabine Hossenfelder. Some recent headlines have been touting that Q-Day is coming potentially as soon as 2025. What is Q-Day? Well, it’s the day when quantum computers will be able to crack the current encryption protocols that we use on the internet. How big of a threat is Q-Day really? And […]

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Could This Be The Next Air Force One? – Hermeus

This video is from Real Engineering.

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Mathematics Science

How One Line in the Oldest Math Text Hinted at Hidden Universes

This video is from Veritasium, who always posts interesting math and science videos.

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AI Research Science

Microsoft AI analyzed 33 million candidates to find material to replace lithium

Microsoft AI analyzed 33 million candidates to find material to replace lithium. Learn more in this video is from The Electric Viking.

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