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ChatGPT’s Sharp Edges: Glitch Tokens

Language Models’ Achilles heel: Rob Miles from Computerphile talks about “glitch” tokens, those mysterious words which, which result in gibberish when entered into some large language models.

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This Genius Turbine Will Change Energy Forever

This video is from Ziroth explains toroidal propellers, which have shown the ability to increase efficiency and reduce noise on boats and drones, but in this video we will see if these benefits can be transferred to wind turbines and planes.

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What Is The Shape of Space? (ft. PhD Comics)

minutephysics explains what the true shape of space is. This video is about the local and global geometry and curvature of space and spacetime, aka, is space flat? Negatively curved? Positively curved? etc.

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Quantum Computing

A New age of computers – Quantum computers

TEDx Talks highlights this talk by Maftuna Pulatova on the coming quantum age of computers. Her “Smart house” project with her team won “Seeds for the Future” hackathon organized by Huawei. Currently, along with her studies, she tries to share her knowledge with students. She also organized Winter Web Hackathon 2022 and several IT meetings. […]

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ChatGPT Explained by Rob Miles on Computerphile

I’ve been waiting for a video explaining ChatGPT from Computerphile and here it is.

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Computerphile on Emulation

Computerphile explains emulation. Emulation sounds difficult, begins to look simple and then ends up being difficult after all! Dr Steve Bagley explains.

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