Current Events

Why Elon Musk Became Twitter’s Largest Shareholder

By now you most certainly have heard that Elon Musk becoming the largest shareholder in Twitter and has earned himself a spot on their board. What and why did this happen and what can we expect next?

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This ATM RootKit Can Steal Banking Creds – ThreatWire

Google exposed Exotic Lily, a group that works with Conti, an ATM rootkit can steal banking data, and TrickBot targets MikroTik routers.

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AI Research

DeepMind’s New AI: As Smart As An Engineer… Kind Of!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Competition-Level Code Generation with AlphaCode” in the following video.

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Google Linux

Chrome OS Flex Turns Old Laptops Into Fast Chromebooks

Recently, Google made a pretty monumental announcement in the form of Chrome OS Flex, but as most users will likely note, Chrome OS Flex bears some pretty striking resemblance to a product that has been in circulation for years at this point: Neverware’s CloudReady. Those same users will also likely note that Google acquired Neverware […]

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Meta Loses $230 billion – the Biggest Company Loss in Its History

It was not a good week for Facebook. It’s too early to count them out.

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Quantum Computing

Google’s Incredible New Quantum Computer Company – SandBox

Sandbox is the newest Quantum Computer company straight from Google which is focusing on the newly discovered Time Crystals which are posed to revolutionize computers in terms of efficiency and performance. Sandbox is separate from Google’s quantum computing team in Santa Barbara, and focuses on software and experimental quantum projects. The unit is currently led […]

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The Most Realistic Humanoid Robot Yet

The robots of science-fiction are getting closer to science fact every day.

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Scientists Reverse Blindness with CRISPR Technology

CRISPR Gene editing therapy is used for the first time in living humans with amazing results. Time stamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:53 What is CRISPR? 2:05 How Does CRISPR work? 3:18 The Experiment 5:30 The Results 9:31 Shortcomings 10:34 The Future 12:00 Caution 13:02 Conclusions

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