Quantum Computing

Best College Majors for Quantum Computing

Want a job in quantum but not sure where to start? If you’re still in school, the first choice you are going to have to make is your college major. Traditionally, most everyone working in quantum information science had a background in physics, but today that is not the case. In this video, Olivia discusses […]

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AI Robotics

Google Just Put an AI Brain in a Robot [Research Breakthrough]

What happens when you put an A.I. Language model in a physical robot? Watch this video to find out.

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Podcasts Quantum Computing

Debunking Google’s Quantum Supremacy Claims, Learning resources, and using Quantum Computers to better predict the weather

The latest happenings in Quantum Computing brought to you by our favorite AI presenter. Scientists say they’ve debunked Google’s quantum supremacy claims once and for all Everything you wanted to know about quantum computing, but were afraid to ask Sign Up for Qiskit Quantum Explorers! Quantinuum Makes A Significant Quantum Computing Breakthrough By […]

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Documentary on the Rise of AI Companions

What if AI companion systems become so believable, humans begin to treat them as a shoulder to lean on? What if these companions could be based on loved ones who have passed?

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AI Generative AI Google

Perceiver models for Music Generation by Deepmind

Google and Deepmind have created a new AI model for music generation. The architecture they used is similar to a decoder transformer but uses cross-attention instead of self-attention in the first layer. Learn more at

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Was Windows Phone Really a $7 Billion Failure?

As someone who once was paid to evangelize Windows Phone, this video hit home hard.

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AWS This Week: Increased limits for EC2 auto scaling & RDS snapshot, AWS Support new look

Jess is back with your AWS news! In AWS announcements this week, RDS snapshot concurrent copy limit increase, AWS Support gets an update to the create a case experience, and EC2 auto scaling increases the group default limit per account!

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AI Neural Networks

Transfer learning and Transformer models (ML Tech Talks)

In this session of Machine Learning Tech Talks, Software Engineer from Google Research, Iulia Turc, will walk us through the recent history of natural language processing, including the current state of the art architecture, the Transformer.

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AI Google

No, it’s not Sentient – Computerphile

Computerphile adds their two cents (pence?) to the recent drama around a Google researcher’s claim that his AI project had become sentient

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AI Ethics Google

Did Google’s LaMDA chatbot just become sentient?

Google engineer Blake Lemoine was put on leave after releasing proprietary information: An interview with the chatbot LaMDA that he believes demonstrates that this AI is, in fact, sentient. I’ve recorded my take on both a livestream and a Data Driven mini-episode, but here’s another perspective. In this video, Yannic analyzes the claims and the […]

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