Google Large Language Models

Google Bard – The Full Review. Bard vs Bing [LaMDA vs GPT 4]

AI Explained reviews Bard.

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AI Azure Large Language Models

The Basics of Prompt Engineering with Azure OpenAI

Did you know the hottest new programming language is English? On this episode of the AI Show, we are excited to welcome Marco Casalaina for a demo on how you can program your own ChatGPT – with natural language. And how prompt engineering really works. Resources: Revolutionize your Enterprise Data with ChatGPT Blog

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Large Language Models

The Model That Changes Everything: Alpaca Breakthrough (ft. Apple’s LLM, BritGPT, Ernie and AlexaTM)

AI Explained covers the latest LLM innovation: Stanford’s Alpaca, 8 years of cost reduction in 5 weeks: how Stanford’s Alpaca model changes everything, including the economics of OpenAI and GPT 4. The breakthrough, using self-instruct, has big implications for Apple’s secret large language model, Baidu’s ErnieBot, Amazon’s attempts and even governmental efforts, like the newly […]

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AI Google Large Language Models

Google Bard… the ChatGPT killer?

I recently got access to Google Bard and I wanted to ask it some coding questions, but was met with this response. Looks like Google has got some work ahead of them. This video from Fireship explains how Google just released Bard, an generative LLM similar to ChatGPT. Let’s take a first look at Bard […]

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AI Reinforcement Learning

Multi-Armed Bandit : Data Science Concepts

This video from ritvikmath explores the Multi-Armed Bandit problem and Making decisions with limited information!

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Future Hardware Research

Get the Inside Scoop on Neuromorphic Computing Part 1

Computer design has always been inspired by biology, especially the brain. In this episode of Architecture All Access – Mike Davies, Senior Principal Engineer and Director of Intel’s Neuromorphic Computing Lab – explains the relationship of Neuromorphic Computing and understanding the principals of brain computations at the circuit level that are enabling next-generation intelligent devices […]

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Azure Azure Synapse Large Language Models

SynapseML: Part 4 – Unleashing the power of big data with Azure Synapse and OpenAI

Azure Synapse Analytics releases this 4th video in our SynapseML series! In this video, Brendan Walsh, a Software Engineer, takes us through the powerful completion models from OpenAI and the ability to scale these models in SynapseML. You’ll see examples of the completion model and what some clever prompt engineering can do.

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AI Computer Vision Ethics

Maryland School District to Use AI to Detect Guns

In a novel use of computer vision, Charles County Public Schools in Maryland is adding a computer vision system to their existing security camera system. Strangely absent from this news article is a discussion on ethics, civil liberties, or what happens when the AI makes a false positive.

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