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NVIDIA Reveals REVOLUTIONARY AI – Better Than GPT-4 And Midjourney V5

This video is from FutureNET. NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang just announced a set of revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence Models and Partnerships at GTC 2023. NVIDIA has always been one of, if not the most important company in the AI Industry by creating the most powerful AI hardware to date. Among them the A100 and future H100 […]

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NVIDIA’s New AI: Better AI Videos Are Here!

Two Minute Papers takes a look at the paper “Generating Long Videos of Dynamic Scenes” in the following video. Source code, datasets and pretrained models: https://github.com/NVlabs/long-video-gan

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AI Hardware

How Nvidia Grew From Gaming To AI Giant, Now Powering ChatGPT

This video from CNBC provides a fascinating look at Nvidia. Thirty years ago, Taiwan immigrant Jensen Huang founded Nvidia with the dream of revolutionizing PCs and gaming with 3D graphics. In 1999, after laying off the majority of workers and nearly going bankrupt, the company succeeded when it launched what it claims as the world’s […]

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Linux Windows

How to Use Linux Mint for Windows Users

This video is from ExplainingComputers is a couple of years old and the latest Linux Mint version is 21.1. However, it is still mostly spot on and a good look at a Linux OS that will “feel like home” to Windows users looking for a new OS instead of Windows 11. Since last year, when […]

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AI Research

NVIDIA’s New AI: Nature Videos Will Never Be The Same!

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Disentangling Random and Cyclic Effects in Time-Lapse Sequences” in the following video.

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NVIDIA Special Address at CES 2023

It’s that time of year again: CES From CES 2023, NVIDIA’s accelerated computing platform is revolutionizing everything from gaming to self driving cars to robotics.

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Quantum Computing

Watch Nvidia’s Entire Quantum Computing Presentation (Supercomputing 2022)

At Supercomputing 2022, the Nvidia’s Director of HPC Tim Costa talks about the latest advancements in quantum computing, and the company’s strategy going forward.

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How Does NVIDIA’s Amazing AI Clones Your Voice!

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “One TTS Alignment To Rule Them All” in the following video. Request Early access here.

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