Databricks Speech and Voice

How Comcast Uses Voice, Data, and AI in Home Entertainment

Here’s an interesting look at how Comcast uses data to enrich customer experience. Comcast’s Data Team is bringing together voice, data, and AI to make home entertainment more accessible to everyone– regardless of age, language proficiency, or ability. With every voice prompt, the Xfinity remote control turns billions of spoken words into actionable insights, personalizing […]

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Azure Big Data Data

Where Should You Put Your Data in Azure?

A frequent question asked is: Where goes what or where should I put my data? With Amy Boyd, Frank (not me) invited different product teams to share what type of data and goes in their service. Let’s meet with Synapse Analytics, Cosmo DB, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Explorer product manager. Each one will […]

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YOLO with Data-Driven Software

This presentation shows how to treat data like code through the concept of Data-Driven Software (DDS). This concept, implemented as a lightweight and easy-to-use python package, solves all the issues mentioned above for single user and collaborative data pipelines, and it fully integrates with a lakehouse architecture such as Databricks. In effect, it allows data […]

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Dataiku End-to-End Demo

This demo uses a project that predicts flight delays to demonstrate connecting to data, preparing and enriching it, building machine learning models, and operationalizing your work entirely in Dataiku.

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Brokering Data: Accelerating Data Evaluation with Databricks White Label

As the data-as-a-service ecosystem evolves, data brokers are faced with an unprecedented challenge – demonstrating the value of their data. Successfully crafting and selling a compelling data product relies on a broker’s ability to differentiate their product from the rest of the market. In smaller or static datasets, measures like row count and cardinality can […]

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Data Visualization

How to Build Excel Interactive Dashboards

In this step-by-step tutorial by Kevin Stratvert, learn how to create dynamic and interactive Excel dashboards. With a dashboard, you can showcase the most important information and key performance indicators (KPIs) that your organization cares about. Best of all, you only need is out of the box Microsoft Excel – no plug-ins, etc.

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Data Warehouse Databricks

Becoming a Data Driven Organization with Modern Lakehouse

I often say that “Data is the new oil,” but to transform it into anything useful, you need a high performing oil refinery. This talk by Databricks highlights the emerging “Lakehouse” pattern that’s taking enterprises by storm.

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Did Star Trek Get AI All Wrong?

Over the decades Star Trek has featured various kinds of artificial intelligence. What did they get right and what did they get wrong? Here’s a great analysis.

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Apple Google Privacy

What Your Phone Sends Every 5 Minutes to Apple or Google

Apple’s push into privacy may be mostly talk as a new privacy study analyzed which data smartphones transmit to Apple and Google, even with telemetry options disabled. It turns out, iPhones and Androids not only send a number of identifiers on average every 5 minutes, some network connections even include location and nearby devices. Professor […]

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