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AI Robotics

Sort & Stretch with the Latest Tesla Bot Update

Tesla‘s robot Optimus can now sort objects autonomously!. Its neural network is trained fully end-to-end: video in, controls out.

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The End Of The Smartphone Is Near

Joe Scott has some interesting thoughts on the smartphone. The smartphone is just over 15 years old, and 70% of people on the planet own one. But there’s reason to believe their days are numbered. Where do smartphones go from here? And what new technologies might take its place? There are a couple of directions […]

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AI Hardware

Nvidia: The Dawn of the AI Era (Audio)

This video from Acquired talks about the dawn of the AI age, Nvidia, and the early moments of OpenAI’s inception. Over the past 18 months Nvidia has weathered one of the steepest stock crashes in history ($500B+ market cap wiped away peak-to-trough!). And, it has of course also experienced an even more fantastical rise — […]

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Data Science Python

How to Uncover Anomalies in Time Series Data with Python

In this video, NeuralNine shows us how to detect anomalies in time series data using ADTK in Python. Temperature Dataset:

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Azure SQL Data SQL Server

How to set up centralized, scalable, and secure access for SQL operations personnel | Data Exposed

Microsoft Purview DevOps policies help you provision access to database system metadata at-scale, securely and inexpensively. Who needs that access? Your internal IT/DevOps personnel or your external contractors that are tasked with monitoring health, tuning performance, and reviewing audit information in SQL systems. With DevOps policies, you can manage access to SQL Dynamic Management Views […]

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How You Are Being Spied On (Surveillance Devices)

This video is from Rob Braxman Tech. Around the world, regular tradeshows sell surveillance equipment to both corporate and government buyers. What are they selling? What tools are being used to spy on people? This is an unrestricted market and this tech can be bought by anyone with the money to spend.

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Video Production

Virtual Production at Home at ZERO Cost: A New Era of Filmmaking

In this video, Blake Ridder takea you behind the scenes of how he transformed my living room into Star-Lord’s spaceship using virtual production, recreating an iconic scene from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 on a ZERO budget.

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Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi 5 Is Here! Hands On With The Fastest Pi Ever!

This video is from ETA PRIME. The Raspberry Pi 5 Is Here and we have a faster Cortex A76 2.4GHz CPU, A New VideoCore VII GPU up To 8GB of ram and Better iO. This Is The Fastest Raspberry Pi Ever! Learn More Here:

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